Друзья рассказали, от кого на самом деле беременна невеста Прохора Шаляпина The history of fatherhood Chaliapin and Kalashnikov invented just a few days. Most of the friends of this couple do not approve of such act, regarding it as sinful.

    Друзья рассказали, от кого на самом деле беременна невеста Прохора Шаляпина

    A few weeks later the model and actress Anna Kalashnikov will become a mother. The light should be a boy, to whom Prokhor Chaliapin has already named Fedor. Despite the fact that there is a lot of trouble, the pair never ceases to whet the interest of fans. For example, last week, February 18, Prokhor posted sharing a photo allegedly from Bogorodsky registry office of Moscow. Have they decided to sign, asked a question in the gang. However, Chaliapin and Kalashnikov, as it turned out, there are secrets that are important.

    Son Kalashnikova was not born from Chaliapin

    A paternity test

    Friends of the pair skeptically watching since December of last year. 31-year-old Prokhor Chaliapin, the rightful husband of 58-year-old businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina, announced that it will soon become a father for the first giving him 30-year-old Anna Kalashnikova. However, already in show business, began to talk – only Chaliapin recorded in the fathers to hide the present.

    “I have long known that Prokhorov is not the father of Anna, – has confirmed “StarHit” friend Kalashnikova, singer Deynega Milena. – The guys known for many years, than friendship between them could be nothing. I was shocked by the fact that they decided to speculate on Sveti – baby! And came up with the fatherhood of Prokhor just a few days! Right before our tour with him in the Krasnodar region. We tried to dissuade Anna from this venture, she even quarreled with her best friend – Christine Kolganova, a mother of three children who were categorically against. The birth of a child is a miracle, you can’t play with it, to indulge, to arrange a PR campaign!”

    Anna Kalashnikov is not recognized in connection with other men

    But the entreaties of friends, it seems, did not stop the resolute Anna and Prochorus. In numerous interviews both gladly shared the details of the relationship and soon produced a romantic photo session. At the same time, his wife Larisa Chaliapin sent SMS-the message: “I got it! Celebrated the birthday of Ani in June and don’t remember how I got in bed. I’m sorry!” Larissa immediately filed for divorce.

    Друзья рассказали, от кого на самом деле беременна невеста Прохора Шаляпина

    The secret patron

    Christmas holidays Chaliapin and Kalashnikov spent apart. In mid-January, the singer flew to the Philippines to relax with friends. Anna was justified by the fact that she is at this time flying is dangerous. The couple has repeatedly accused that they are only together in public.

    But the true cause of what is happening, it seems, knew only the closest. “I told Anya that she is pregnant from the oligarch” – shared with “StarHit” the stylist Zorro Sargsyan, who previously worked at her salon “Create”. While studying in the distance learning people’s University of arts in Kalashnikova, according to friends, began a relationship with one of employees of the University Armen. “Anya was talking about Armen, and more than once, they are together,” said the pastry chef and friend Kalashnikova Alex Kush. A friend of the singer, Diana Bicharova, supports it: “We believe that Anna is pregnant from Armen. – She shared it with our mutual friends! Armen is married, he is very rich. Ana takes an apartment in an elite house on Khoroshevskoye highway, gave the BMW X5 helped to open showrooms. It contains the full – and is known to many. However, the question of paternity will finally remove only a DNA test”.

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