Сын Айзы Долматовой растет копией Гуфа A businesswoman whose family will soon be a new addition, worried by the hyperactivity of his successor. Six Sam can’t live without constant attention and encouragement from adults. He also likes to put on a show. Fans of ISA are confident that the boy character was influenced by genes.

      31-year-old ISA Dolmatova, which will soon become a mother for the second time, recently complained to fans that her heir is not growing the way she would have wanted to see him. The woman was hoping that Sam, who is now six years old, will become a future doctor, scientist, athlete or even a sales Manager of supported cars, but the boy is more like creativity and self-expression.

      According to ISA, her child can turn any event in the show. While Sam likes to pay attention to it. Dolmatova also admitted that this behavior of the boy she reminds me of someone.

      “The Apple fall far from the tree! And it’s awful. Well I dreamed of a son, athlete or scientist, the son of a surgeon, or even the sales Manager supported machines. But no! My son is creative. Any action he makes in the play, show and performance. In every movement of his acting, no seriousness, all jokes, Yes jokes! And the worst thing in all of this, that all are obliged to pay attention to it and praise praise him. Someone he reminds me. Patience, patience, and do everything as they do to me… I Hope he doesn’t suffer from his creative nature, well that’s another story,” wrote ISA in his microblog.

      According to some followers of the woman, the boy grows up a copy of his father — rapper Guf, who doted in his heir. Recall that after breaking up with musician ISA went to Bali. Guf periodically arrives at the island where his ex-wife and son to visit the family.

      “So look like dad”, “It’s natural that Sam is such a creative. What is left for him to be the son of such parents? Well this little body and with “additive” ISA! I think, a wonderful and extraordinary person turned out”, “Genes are not like crocodiles, you need to guide them in the right direction”, — shared his opinion of the fans Dolmatova in the comments to her entry.

      However, there were also those readers microblog ISA who did not support this view. According to them, all children are hyperactive and like something always come up, and at the age of six is still too early to say how kids will be when they grow up. “Wait until puberty, and there hold and observe”, “I too in the childhood was, but in the end do not work”, “Grow 10 times”, “Well, he’s only a baby, it is necessary to sound the alarm if the same will be in 15 years,” said Dolmatova her fans.

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