Александр Олешко: «Начнем с того, что я не одинок»

July 23, honored artist of Russia Alexander Oleshko was 40 years old. On the eve of the anniversary it has answered questions of readers of “Antenna” and Woman’s Day.

– On stage you give the impression of an easy, cheerful person. In life is the same?

Александр Олешко: «Начнем с того, что я не одинок»

– Like all people, I have a different mood. If very unhappy, trying to find a reason to thank just for the opportunity to live. Love to laugh at themselves. Recently mixed shaving foam c deodorant and just sprayed it myself. I laughed like a child.

– Last time you give a voice to the character of the cartoon, today announced a Koala Blinky bill. And the cartoons themselves like?

Александр Олешко: «Начнем с того, что я не одинок»

– Incredible Blinky bill is not just a Koala, and almost a national hero in Australia. There about it is written a lot of books. He kind of Cheburashka. And at home I have a huge collection of Soviet animation. All of these cartoons were created, drawn, voiced a love for children, the audience, in every scene heard the voices of great artists. During the Christmas holidays when you have free time, can from morning to night to watch your favorite series “Well, pogodi!”, “Cat Leopold”. I would recommend more likely to remember the phrase, “Guys, let’s live together”.

– You prefer Comedy or close other genres?

Александр Олешко: «Начнем с того, что я не одинок»

– Of course, like good Comedy, romance. But now is the time that Comedy is often equal banality, and a vulgarity I’m not terribly fond of. I like warm movies that person soothe, inspire. Give a smile and hope! Faith and love!

– What are the disadvantages wrong?

Александр Олешко: «Начнем с того, что я не одинок»

– For laziness! Although, if you look at my chart or flip through “Instagram”, do not say. Sometimes I scold myself for impatience, and generally warm and fuzzy inside.

– What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Александр Олешко: «Начнем с того, что я не одинок»

Something that I was normal, ordinary person, I have not touched the disease, which is called the beautiful star. Do not betray, go to sleep quietly, the good conscience. Live honestly according to the principle “do what you must, come what may.”

– What you mean such date as 40 years? Did you have a midlife crisis, as you have overcome it?

Александр Олешко: «Начнем с того, что я не одинок»

— Funny to think about the figure in 40 years, knowing how to actively live Vladimir Zeldin. He celebrated 101 years on stage, sings, dances, reads poetry, plays. You know? I still have 61 years of rich and creative life! The crisis of middle age 30-33 years, I have not noticed, we live peacefully and harmoniously. His life was planned in his youth. Never neglected and always attentive to people, events, just trying to learn. There is no crisis when people do not give up under any difficult circumstances! And live!

– Now a star living in the suburbs, away from the busy center. You have not succumbed to the fashion?

Александр Олешко: «Начнем с того, что я не одинок»

Fashion in no way follow only the dictates of heart and soul. And the cottage is not yet earned. But the dream with the pleasure to spend a weekend in the city. Still to come.

– What type of men themselves would, Thrifty or a spender?

Александр Олешко: «Начнем с того, что я не одинок»

— The millionaire asked: “why do you go on foot, you have the opportunity to ride in a fancy carriage?” He responded well: “I am a millionaire and that walk”. Here I am sensible in their spending. Of course, not to a painful self-restraint, but nothing special I don’t need. There is a good example – everyone’s favorite Yuri Nikulin. I was in his apartment and more modest interior not seen. Not for him was the main thing for me, too.

– What is your most vivid childhood memory?

Александр Олешко: «Начнем с того, что я не одинок»

The days I spent in the Chisinau circus. It was there that revived my dream to become an artist! Jumped up to the ceiling with joy after a visit to the circus!

– You were once married and then go to the bachelors. Parents do not insist on family? Children plan?

Александр Олешко: «Начнем с того, что я не одинок»

– Let’s start with the fact that I’m not alone, and children must be born according to plan. Here God willing, then I’d be a dad.

– Do you have a pet?

Александр Олешко: «Начнем с того, что я не одинок»

Artist all the time on the road, plane, car, so on the home Board decided that cats would be the better option. These animals in the absence of the beloved master, sleeping a lot. The dog can not, will miss. Maine coons Elisha and Alice live in my fourth year. It’s not even cats, and people with a tail. They almost never meow, but purr like you’re talking to.

– You were recognized as the most stylish actor. Appearance is a merit of stylists or private?

— I don’t have stylists, moreover, my style some exaggeration. Actually dress up according to the principle “that soon will fall out of the closet”. The artists of previous generations said that a male actor needs to just be neat. That’s the main thing for me is clean shoes, ironed clean shirt and a nice suit. But only when it’s about the fact that you need to go. And love to get into some jeans, a torn t-shirt and wear them constantly.


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