Valery Meladze rescued daughters

Валерий Меладзе выручил дочерей In the star family, there is a trouble. Valery Meladze and his daughter rest in the French city of nice. On one of the roads at their car had a punctured wheel. This event caught the singer by surprise.

      Valery Meladze on family holidays in the South of France. The singer and his daughter enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the côte d’azur. 25-year-old Inga, 17-year-old Sophia and 13-year-old Arina don’t often see dad because of his work schedule, so during the holidays they spend with him most of the time.

      Explore the surroundings of the city of nice Valery prefers on the car. However, on the eve of the star the family was a bit of a nuisance. The car in which moved the singer and his heiress, had a punctured wheel. Fortunately, the actor kept his head and fixed the damage yourself. Girls with such a test probably would have failed, if they were without a father at that moment. Valery replaced the wheel, and the family went on the road.

      “The story of a punctured wheel: it turns out that French roads are not much better Russian. But dad coped with the task better than any mechanic. Made business – walk safely” – written by Inga in his microblog.

      Published by Inga pictures in Instagram Meladze demonstrates dirty from the work of his hands, and beside him on the ground is the wrench. “Dad is strong all over”, “little Girl is a beauty”, “What are You cool”, “I can’t wait to hearing more about this story,” wrote in the comments of Inga friends.

      Recall that the eldest daughter Meladze often posts family photos, and it tells in detail about his life. Recently, Inga complained to the subscribers that it does not have enough money to buy any Antiques. The girl visited with her fiancé Nori Verges on the antique show where you have chosen several exquisite pieces. However, their price was so high that the couple had to be left with nothing.

      “Yesterday after going to the fair of Antiques and art: “Nori, why don’t we buy this Richter or out the box Faberge?”, – wrote in the microblog Inga, adding that the dream is not harmful.

      White dream: what will be the most anticipated wedding of 2016

      By the way, beloved, are preparing for the wedding, which is scheduled for the end of this year. Celebration they organize on your own, without financial help from parents. Perhaps that’s why Inge and her fiance have a little while to save.

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