Solntsev about Poplavskaya: “Now her fate is to pour mud on girls like Buzova”

Солнцев о Поплавской: «Теперь ее участь - лить помои на таких девушек, как Бузова» Showman wonders how the actress so much anger. Rustam Solntsev suggested that Yana Poplavskaya unhappy, but because she decided to vent their anger, criticizing the outfit of Olga Buzova. The man rushed to defend the presenter.
Солнцев о Поплавской: «Теперь ее участь - лить помои на таких девушек, как Бузова»

After the Music Box awards, which took place last Saturday in Moscow, the Network does not stop discussion of the provocative costume of Olga Buzova. The presenter appeared on the red carpet in a sheer jumpsuit. In a similar outfit left and Anna Grachevskaya, but the actress Yana Poplavskaya was outraged by the appearance the stars “House-2”. She burst into an angry article in which he criticized Buzova.

Yana Poplavskaya compare Olga Buzova with a woman from a brothel

However, to protect Olga stood up a former member of the famous telestroke Rustam Solntsev. He felt that Poplavskaya unfairly refers to Buzova. According to the entertainer, the star of “red riding hood” I have not been on secular parties, because there is nobody waiting.

“Let’s look at she wrote about Olga Buzova phrase. “The fact that it is barbaric and pathetic”. Argue. This is probably one of the few outfits Oli, who looked at it organically and in fun. I’m her in this outfit I love. Ol, here’s a tip from me – go in this jumpsuit constantly. Next. “Dress for the clients in the brothel”. Look, what is this vulgarity in the mind of a once good artist? “Nobody can stop”. And who, sorry, have to stop Buzova? Probably, in the view Poplavskaya, Cossack patrol? “…and not thrown out with the Moscow events”.

You know, I often come on the capital’s parties and never seen them to Yana. Probably because they go the people to call, not women, who spew hatred. I am afraid that now this is her fate – to pour slops on young beautiful girls, walking along the red carpet events, which Poplavskaya no one is waiting. I congratulate her Came” – shared his reasoning Rustam with “StarHit”.

Solntsev suggested that the reason for such harsh criticism Poplavskaya lies in its failures. According to him, Ian feels miserable, but because she does not mince words and hurting others. Rustam admitted that he is extremely disappointed in my favorite actress that I adored since childhood.

Showman believes that the way Yana Poplavskaya want to attract attention and become interesting to the public.

“Yes, it is fashionable today, says the sun. – You’re time in. You know, even I feel sorry for her – as a woman, as a mother. Her behavior is causing me consternation”.