Svetlana Svetikova has become a mother for the second time

Светлана Светикова стала мамой во второй раз Famous singer celebrates the completion of the family. Svetlana Svetikova gave birth to an adorable son named Christian. The baby was born on the birthday of the father of Aleksey Polishchuk. The actress and her common-law spouse receive congratulations from the public.
Светлана Светикова стала мамой во второй раз

Singer Svetlana Svetikova has shared important news in one of the social networks. The actress became a mother for the second time. The celebrity gave his civilian husband, skater-acrobat Alexey Polishchuk, charming son. Lovers have decided to name the baby Christian. According to Svetikovoy, the long-awaited event in her family occurred on Sunday. Svetlana feels and accepts numerous congratulations from friends and relatives.

“Yesterday, 24 September 2017, is born my youngest son Christian. Our miracle did unspeakable gift to your dad, Alesha, because it was born on his birthday. I can’t imagine that we’ll be able to make such a gift. Despite the fact that the date was put exactly on 24th. We did it, we done! To give son a beloved man in his day of birth is the most incredible Declaration of love” – shared the singer.

Fans of Svetlana congratulate her on the addition to the family and wish you all the best. In their opinion, the artist – a wonderful mother. “Very happy for you”, “Grow healthy”, “Best wishes”, “This is so cool!”, “Let the kid make you happy, and the senior all helps”, “Cheers”, “You’re a big lad”, “a Speedy recovery Mama”, “Cool! Beauty”, “your children Have such beautiful names – AC Milan and Christian,” was discussed by the subscribers of the singer.

For the first time about her second pregnancy Svetlana Svetikovoy became known in may of this year. Toggda the singer posted the picture, not hiding the changes in her figure. Since in the microblog singer regularly appeared photos, which could see her visibly rounded belly. Svetlana is also constantly passing emotions from a child.

“I slept… for a Long time. Day… Pregnant with a dream – a fantastic bonus. He’s kind of special, deep, soft. Accumulated the energy to exercise. I’ll tell you sometime, what is a pregnant sport,” wrote the actress on Instagram.

However, in the ninth month of pregnancy Svetlana Svetikova was in a bad situation. The incident occurred at a shopping center in Adler. Artist much nervous because of a quarrel with the guard, who did not like that the choice of the singer was dropped off with a friend at the main entrance. “Notice, we never stopped anyone. Got out the emergency gang to the side, cars calmly passed by. He not only insulted my husband, provoking him to fight with the words “coward, come here”, but mate talked to me. Brought me to tears,” fumed the singer.