Blogger Arslan Valeev died from a snake bite live

Блогер Арслан Валеев умер от укуса змеи в прямом эфире Arslan Valeev, who was fond of exotic animals, suddenly passed away. According to some reports, shortly before the tragic events of a young man separated from his wife Catherine. His subscribers can’t believe what happened and condolences to loved ones guy.
Блогер Арслан Валеев умер от укуса змеи в прямом эфире

31-year-old blogger Arslan Valeev, leading the BobCat TV video channel dedicated to the world of exotic animals, died on Monday afternoon. The death of a young men came as a result of the bite from a black Mamba, which he received during a live broadcast on YouTube on the night of September 23. After that Arslan was in a coma. The doctors fought for the life Valeeva, however, they failed to save him.

Meanwhile on the Internet to spread information about the fact that shortly before his death, the mood of the team has deteriorated due to the departure of his wife Catherine. According to some, on that fateful day, Valeev was acting strange – was allegedly used profanity and talked on the topic of death and pain.

Shortly before the tragic accident, a young man met good friend Marina, from which they drove the baby Cougars in the hospital. Friends celebrated the event. After a friend Arslan left, he again made contact with subscribers. At some point the shaft away from the computer and then returned, showing a snake bite.

“I’ll just stay with you a little bit. If, in the phone record for Katie. Just read your messages. Tell Kate that I loved her very much. All the while. I can’t believe this is happening to me. This is the phone to Katie, if she’ll have time for me to drive up and see me, I would be happy. In fact, I’m already dying. Goodbye. But Kate I would love to see. I’m shaking”, said the young man.

Concerned viewers Valeeva did not understand what was happening. After some time, called an ambulance, and the moderators have chat off, writing that Arslan is still alive. All this time members of the young men watched the events live, and panicking. Then blogger came Catherine and turned off the stream.

The opinions of subscribers about what happened with Arslan vary. Some of them believe that he decided to commit suicide. At the same time, others believe that the shaft was not going to settle scores with life, and his dying speech was not planned and is a shock reaction to a snake bite. In their opinion, the worker was the victim of an accident. Many followers Arslan urged not to blame Catherine that happened to him.

Fans Valeeva I wish him to rest in peace. Internet users write that they do not believe in the sudden death of a blogger. Nothing boded trouble. Arslan seemed purposeful young man who genuinely cared about animals. “Somebody to love”, “Please take care”, “Sincere condolences”, “This is creepy. Hurt. I hope his soul will rest. Sleep well, good friend”, “As a native person lost”, “Very sad”, “Like a bad dream”, “the channel gave me so much positive” – discuss subscribers Valeeva.

That blogger went to Catherine, it became known in April of this year. Subscribers Valeeva suspected that his relationship with his wife had complications, and peppered the young man with questions.

Блогер Арслан Валеев умер от укуса змеи в прямом эфире“Why are there so many channels? Where Is Katya? Why is that? Why is that? Yes we broke up, simple as that. And it’s no problem, so, to get rid of excess issues. All share slowly” – shared Arslan a few months ago.