Evgeniy Osin: “a month I don’t eat”

Евгений Осин: «Уже месяц я ничего не ем» My investigation of the sudden disappearance of popular musician. “Where did singer hit “the Crying girl in the machine”?”, “Evgeny Osin does not communicate with loved ones” – these headlines appeared in the Network recently.
Евгений Осин: «Уже месяц я ничего не ем»

It was later revealed that the musician is in a narcological clinic with the diagnosis “alcoholism, the third stage”. Who do not know, this is an extreme degree of alcohol dependence. What a pitiful sight I found out there, it is better not to tell.

Jack, enjoying my visit, strutted, joked: “don’t drink, don’t smoke, I sit here behind bars, as the young eagle…” Said the enemies (which he even enlisted his old friend Natalie Storm) mixed him a glass of drugs that exacerbated long-standing problem with his legs, but it was obvious the artist is in dire need of professional assistance. And their conclusions are not encouraging: the defeat of the peripheral nervous system and the probable development of psychosis, popularly referred to as delirium tremens. Evgeny Osin broke the silence:, foot problems, alcoholism and betrayal of his wife

After the efforts of doctors, the next step to salvation Evgeniya Osina began rehabilitation. The world we decided to send him to a Thai center, where the restoration of Dana Borisova. “Jack, you must come. We are waiting for you,” sends treatment was Given, holds for the singer a virtual tour, and then… a month Later, which he held in Samui, I contact him on Skype, immediately noticing how he has changed. Seems like someone fell into the hands of the genius of plastic surgery.

“No,” Eugene smiles. I’m still in Thailand, drug treatment center, and feel very well. I benefited from it, I changed my Outlook, although at times hard.

Евгений Осин: «Уже месяц я ничего не ем»

Why do you care?

The conditions mentioned by me, you and Dana, were completely different. I’m on serious mode. I was promised a free settlement, motorcycles, cash. But none of that.

– Tell me, what would you do with the cash?

I can’t afford to even buy deodorant, and funds of guys that are here are in the account. They can’t take and freely dispose of.

Евгений Осин: «Уже месяц я ничего не ем»

Well, it’s treatment, Jen. The only thing I’m a little guilty – you are an active parishioner, and the service centre only on Sundays. Yeah, I pulled you out of the normal rhythm, but it’s minimal sacrifice. Psychologists, droppers, lots of sun, three meals a day – what’s wrong? Tell you, even there culinarily…

– Thursday and Sunday our cook the day off and the boys returned from the sea, from the arena, there is a situation – foods to eat, and no one to cook. And today was the first time I built a dinner.


– No. This is something that everyone likes. I really don’t eat, fasting for a month, relieve the body of toxins.

Евгений Осин: «Уже месяц я ничего не ем»

Can you show your room?

– Here the Orthodox cross wall, I gave it here, my bed. By the way, near the place freely. Really want Chris kelmi it took. He has the same health problems. Let arrives.

– Music you’re doing here?

A little of both. President rehabilitation center I from home even his guitar brought.

Евгений Осин: «Уже месяц я ничего не ем»
Евгений Осин: «Уже месяц я ничего не ем»
Евгений Осин: «Уже месяц я ничего не ем»