Sofia Vergara sues with their unborn children

София Вергара судится со своими нерожденными детьми Star of the TV series “American family” was in an awkward situation. Ex-boyfriend of the actress, with whom she once froze the embryos, is seeking custody of them. According to the man, he found a surrogate mother who could bear him heirs.

      София Вергара судится со своими нерожденными детьми

      When 44-year-old Sophia was going to marry businessman Nick Loeb, the lovers froze two embryos to after the wedding to look for a surrogate mother. However, in 2014, the feelings faded. Sophia took up with actor Joe Manganiello, who a year later got married. The idea to have children from a former boyfriend had stopped her seem attractive. The actress has a son from his first marriage, so the fear to remain childless does not prevail over her.

      In response, the 41-year-old Nick went to the court of the state of California with a request to transfer him to the custody of the embryos. He said that he had to accept there is a woman willing to carry and give birth to children. However, Loeb had to withdraw the claim when the court asked him to call her name. The businessman said that he would rather “go to jail” than compromise the lady.

      София Вергара судится со своими нерожденными детьми

      The problem was compounded by a contract that Sofia and Nick have concluded after fertilization. One parent can do anything with the embryos only with the approval of the other. To circumvent the agreement it is possible if to prove that the intention to leave the embryos frozen forever is the reason for the deprivation of parental rights of Sophia.

      At the end of last year, Loeb has found a way to give my daughters the chance with the help of social organization that advocates the prohibition of abortion. New unprecedented the claim to the Sofia was filed on behalf of… embryo, which Nick named Emma and Isabella. The embryos need to move them from California to Louisiana – the only state where they believe people with legal rights, not the property of parents. The hearing took place in December, but the decision is still pending, because without the consent of Sofia transfer impossible.

      “Sofia is in a panic – say friends of the actress. – She thought the court would laugh at the Nickname and throw the suit in the trash. No one in her team doesn’t understand what to do. This legal practice was not yet.”