Dakota and Sokolowski excited fans candid shots

Дакота и Соколовский взбудоражили фанатов откровенными снимками A couple of arranged hot photo shoot in Bali. Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky love provocative photos. Fragments of their erotic photoset, published in the microblog singer, caused a storm of emotions from fans of the star couple.

      Graduates “Factories of stars-7”, in the summer of 2015 became husband and wife, Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota in the cold season I love to indulge in a romantic vacation in Bali. For almost a month, the star couple has been on this exotic island, enjoying each other and the beauty of Paradise.

      Vlad and Rita willingly shared with fans details of his holiday in Bali, often posting in the microblogging photos taken in the picturesque places. All the pictures the couple looks very inspired, in love with each other and incredibly happy. Vlad and Rita is not shy to show his feelings and prove that their relationship is still full of passion like before the wedding. However, the final pictures taken during a holiday are that it pales all the other evidence romantic time couples.

      These photos are filled with passion, and turned honest, and chaste at the same time. Starred half-naked couple managed not to cross the line beyond which begins the vulgarity. Sensual shots of the Dakota and Sokolov is another Declaration of love and endless admiration each other. Photos of Bali in microblogs Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky arouse enthusiasm and a sense of white envy of all fans of the star couple.

      “Love you guys. Many years of boundless happiness. You are very beautiful and talented couple. From the heart”, “Rita, you are an unreal couple. Ready to watch endlessly on your photos, True love and incredible beauty. Never get tired of looking at your photos”, “Very sexy!”, “Wild game” – responded subscribers microblog Rita Dakota to the hot shots.

      Recall by Vlad Sokolovsky married Margarita Gerasimovich, better known as the singer Dakota June 3, 2015. Young people have registered the relations in the registry office and went to the Church for the wedding. For Vlad and Rita it was very important to seal their Union not only a stamp in the passport, but in heaven. Spouses often tell me how happy they are together. Vlad Sokolovsky afraid to contradict his wife

      And after some time after the creation of the family of Vlad Sokolovsky appealed to all fans wish to achieve personal happiness.

      “All men wish to find their. Don’t waste your time party, because you can hang out with her,” said Sokolowski.