Andrey Chuev congratulated the young heir first victory

Андрей Чуев поздравил юную наследницу с первой победой The most scandalous party of telestroke never forget his fatherly duties. When a man arrives in the United Arab Emirates, he always spends time with his little daughter. She lives in Dubai together with her mother Tatiana Chiosa. Chuev said that Lisa was the winner of the dance competition, beating rivals.

      Before I met Marina Afrikantov Andrey Chuev has lived for several years in marriage with Tatiana Chiosa. They had a daughter Liza, however, after some time they parted. Ex-spouse of the man emigrated to the UAE with her daughter Lisa, and Andrew remained in Moscow and returned to the TV project “Dom-2”. Chuev don’t forget about the baby and often tries to communicate with her. The reality star is trying flew to daughter.

      Andrey Chuev, “While the haters are sitting on the Internet, we are a Marina in the Seychelles”

      The heir of Andrew participated in an international dance contest. It took place in Dubai, and Lisa managed to become the winner of the championship. Chuev shared good news with followers on Instagram. For some followers of a celebrity, this was the discovery that the daughter of men professionally engaged in dancing and is seeking in this matter considerable success.

      “Hurrah! We took the Cup! Lisa has shown good results. So it was funny to watch when two of her girlfriends have already received awards, and she sulked like a mouse on the rump. Congratulations to all the winners, all the Russian girls received awards. Mary , Alice, and Lisa! Russia, forward,” – said in a microblog Andrew.

      Knowing that Lisa was the winner of the dance competition, subscribers began to praise the girl and to celebrate her achievements. They wanted young talent success and the speedy rise in the developed business. Many people think that the baby will succeed. By the way, the followers rejoiced that Chueva have the opportunity to meet with the heir and to personally congratulate her on her success. Someone expressed the view that for a child it is very important the presence of parents in the brightest moments.

      “Such a father is certainly growing little champion, congratulations!”, “The character of the Pope. If something is not according to his script, hold on! Not only lips, but the nostrils inflate, happy for Lisa. Good, too, as a dad, forward to victory, single-minded”, “Little champion. Sport is the world, a small victory in a big way,” comments the users of the Network.

      At the moment the first Marina visit with friends in the United Arab Emirates. That is why the couple have time to meet Lisa. They walk together through the city, although to the amusement Park and café. Apparently, Lisa is not opposed to her dad married again, especially since the girl’s mother has found happiness with the UAE.

      Obviously, Chuev nice words dedicated fans of the TV show. He always considered Lisa a reason to be proud. Among the subscribers Andrew there were those who noted a striking similarity between father / daughter. They believe that the successor of the star will be as punchy and strong character. Fans are happy that in early childhood the child creatively develops.

      “We’re the same blood, we are one flesh, no matter where I was, I’m always here, behind your back,” wrote Chuev in the comments under one of my shots with my daughter in the microblogging.