Синди Кроуфорд призналась в своих тайных пристрастиях
50-year-old model told how she manages to maintain a perfect figure.

Cindy Crawford

Photo: @cindycrawford Instagram Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford, which, even exchanging sixth decade, has every reason to be proud of
its still almost perfect figure, has surprised on the days their fans.
For a start, she said that he did not adhere to any diet. And then
confessed his irresistible love for the not-too-useful products. This
information appeared on the website femalefirst.co.uk.

said: “actually, I do not hold any diet and eat almost everything.
I do not exclude from your diet any product. Just some of them I
do not eat in large quantities!”

Crawford explained that it is not able to give up
from food rich in carbohydrates. As told
Cindy, she just can’t bring myself to forget about spaghetti and chocolate. “I’m
not proud of it, but I love all food, where there is a lot of carbohydrates. However,
it would be more accurate to say that they love me, and too much. So
if I eat too many carbs, they strive to me “stick”. So
a big plate of pasta would be a disaster for me. But if I eat a little bit –
nothing will happen…” – has told model. But the chief of her secret passion, as
admitted — it’s chocolate. “To feel
okay, I just need to eat it every day!”

can only wonder how Cindy manages with such a diet to support that
superlative form that could afford to celebrate their 50th day
the birth on the beach in bikini. And she looks so young that when Crawford
appear in public together with her 15-year-old daughter Kaya, which like its
mom managed to become a model, strangers are sometimes mistaken Cindy’s older sister