Анна Калашникова изменила у косметолога форму лица
The model was solved again to change their appearance.

Anna Kalashnikova

Photo: @Instagram annakalash Anna Kalashnikova

Anna Kalashnikov decided to continue to change their appearance. The model, who decided not long ago to a plastic surgery, now changed and the shape of your face. She was very pleased with the trip to the beautician who worked on the correction of “deficiencies” Kalashnikova.

“Share with you the little tricks and beauty secrets! After the operation, continue to bring himself up — decided to make a correction of face oval and chin. To change the face shape needed to pin the chin and lower jaw, then the oval shape will leave and as a result, the shape of the face will become more sophisticated, this will highlight the cheekbones, chin will become clear along the lines — exactly the effect I’ve wanted for so long! Very happy with the result! And does not need any operation! Beauty is, of course, stepped far forward already…” she said.

Recall that six years ago Anna had a failed, according to her, the surgery for breast augmentation. To decide to correct the mistake of the surgeon Kalashnikov decided only recently. The model was very happy that after many years finally found a doctor who was able to trust. He corrected the mistakes of the previous surgeon. By the way, the former mistress Prokhor Chaliapin admitted that he soon plans to become a singer and to conquer the musical Olympus.