Sofia Rotaru cannot come to terms with bereavement

София Ротару не может смириться с тяжелой утратой The artist calls life together with your spouse the happiest. According to Rotaru, she was unable to fall in love again. She keeps the memory of Anatolia and is no longer going to engage in a romantic relationship.

      София Ротару не может смириться с тяжелой утратой

      Sofia Rotaru lost her husband 14 years ago, but still can not accept that he is no more. Family actress claimed that the death of her husband Anatoly Evdokimenko much impact on her psychological condition. Woman for a long time could not come in itself, and even talked to him as a living. The star herself admits that Anatoly was her only love.

      Rotaru’s husband died of a stroke in 2002. The singer suffered greatly as they with the husband have lived together for 35 years and loved each other. Sofia Mikhailovna admits that after this tragedy, she can’t with anyone to build a relationship.

      “He remains my one and only love. The feeling was mutual, and we were fortunate to live together for an amazing 35 years. Truly fertile years, the best in my life. I always say that Singh is the co – author of all my achievements. He was a wonderful husband and father. Now I really miss him,” shared said.

      Recalls family star, she had even ceased to speak on stage. All my free time Rotaru spent in the cemetery, being on duty at the tomb of the deceased spouse. Relatives and friends do not know what is going on as Sofia Mikhailovna moved away from them. According to the sister Rotaru, Aurice, the son of singer Ruslan was able to convince her to return to the stage. He urged the parent to continue to work for his father’s memory. Rotaru very grateful to the heir.

      “We each other perfectly understand. The son reveals to me new and talented authors. Musical science was always easy for him. Affected by the environment in which he grew up. Besides, the nature of taste in music. Now Ruslan is my producer. And in this he is a worthy successor to his father’s Affairs,” shared Sofia Mikhailovna.

      Rotaru enjoys spending time with family. The upcoming New year, the actress will celebrate with grandchildren, son and daughter-in-law Svetlana. According to star, women tend to focus on the serving table. “Reviewing family albums and home videos. And, of course, all together decorate the Christmas tree. Of trips before the New year I bring a few new Christmas decorations,” – said Rotaru magazine “Antenna-Telesem”.