Arseny Shulgin is making out with sweetheart in the desert

Арсений Шульгин уединился с возлюбленной в пустыне The actor went on a journey together with his girlfriend, model Anna Sheridan. A couple came in huge delight from a trip on one of the main attractions of Dubai. Safari gave young people a lot of bright impressions.

      Before the New year, 18-year-old Arseny Shulgin decided to go abroad. Company a beginning artist made his girlfriend Anna Sheridan. Young people went for a romantic trip to Dubai. Especially strong impression they have left a vast desert, where I love to be tourists. The lovers took a few photos in these places, causing a storm of emotions among its users. One of the photos that appeared in social networks, Anna and Arseniy hugging in the background is sand dunes. “So cute”, “Beautiful”, “Wonderful”, “Class”, “Very touching and sincere,” was discussed by the followers of the chosen artist.

      Girl Arseniy Shulgin spoke about the difficult relationship with him

      The photo models are also evaluated Valeria and Joseph Prigogine, who post “I like”. Family Arseniy Shulgin sincerely glad of his happiness.

      In another publication, Anna has shared his impressions of travel in the desert. The girl admitted that she liked it, and recommended this route to others. Her partner was also delighted with the trip. “Was your trip impossible. So that is sandy winter,” – said Shulgin followers of his microblog.

      “For the first time has visited on a Safari! Not to say that it was terrible, even something like our country roads . Suggest,” said Sheridan in Instagram.

      By the way, the sights of the largest city of the Emirates is also able to evaluate and sister Anna Arseniy Shulgin. “White sun of the endless desert… That you can admire forever…” – with these words, the girl described your trip.

      We will remind that in November, Arseniy Shulgin celebrated its 18th anniversary. A celebration in honor of the young man passed in one of capital restaurants. The event brought together family and friends Arseny, as well as numerous friends of his family, including Igor Krutoy, Yana Rudkovskaya, Sergei Zhorin, Philip Gazmanov, Marina Yudashkin and Vyacheslav Manucharov.

      Arseny Shulgin threw a party for her 18th birthday. PHOTO

      Specially for the guests Shulgin prepared a concert room, which was met with thunderous applause. Attention was also riveted to the girl a young artist Anna Sheridan. The model and her partner give the impression of a perfect couple. “Thank you all for a warm, relaxing, intimate evening,” she wrote in social networks.