May Abrikosov publicly begging forgiveness from the lady. PHOTO

Май Абрикосов публично вымаливает прощение у избранницы. ФОТО Ex-participant reality show tries to make peace with the girl. As it became known “StarHit” Apricot meets Olga for several years. However, at the moment the pair is experiencing difficult times. According to May, they had a conflict because of jealousy.

      Май Абрикосов публично вымаливает прощение у избранницы. ФОТО

      Some time after leaving the reality show “Dom-2” May Apricots (novel Tertyshny) was able to find love. It was a girl named Olga. Bitter experience on telestroke, a young man now hides the face of his lady and not posting pictures of her in his microblog, although the subscribers beg to show love.

      Roman admitted to “StarHit”, he doesn’t want to show Olga, as promised. “She has the citizenship of another country, working in a public institution. Olga a private person,” explained Tertyshny. According to the former participant “Houses-2” have their couple time and again there were difficult moments.

      “In the beginning was turbulent, explosive relationships, jealousy raged and parted so that it seemed impossible to be together, but time passed, and some of us have extended a hand of reconciliation” – shared Tertyshny with “StarHit”.

      Olga went to his native Minsk. Prior to this, the lovers lived together in the house of the Novel. The girl got along great with the mother of the young man. “They communicate a lot and often friends against me. My girlfriend supports the decision that my mom will live with us,” said star electroni.

      However, at the moment between lovers and the conflict arose. According to Tertyshna, he gave the lady a reason to be jealous, what is now very sorry. At the disposal of “StarHit” was the screenshots of the correspondence of May and Olga, which shows a man seeking forgiveness from the beloved. “This is a very expressive girl! With her is never boring,” said the young man.

      Май Абрикосов публично вымаливает прощение у избранницы. ФОТО

      Fiancee asks him to remove the post in Instagram, in which he asks for her forgiveness. “Olga, forgive me! I love you! Love it! Quite already can not live without you! Please pick up the phone! You’ll feel!”, – a record left novel.

      Май Абрикосов публично вымаливает прощение у избранницы. ФОТО

      Olga blames the young man that he paid attention to another woman. In turn, the novel explains that the most honest favorite. “I would like, so walking, and I’m here sitting and waiting for your forgiveness! You’re already trained,” writes Tertyshny.

      Judging by the sincere words of a young man, it is really hard to be separated from his Dear. The novel makes it clear that she’s the only one for him, and his heart completely belongs to her. Probably warm recognition Tertyshna will help him to restore peace in the relationship with the beloved.

      Май Абрикосов публично вымаливает прощение у избранницы. ФОТО