The names of the candidates for the statuette of “Golden eagle-2017”

Названы имена претендентов на статуэтку «Золотой орел-2017″

We are always eagerly waiting for the ceremonies “Oscar” and “Golden globe”. But keep in mind that we have artists that deserve recognition of their talent. 27 January 2017 will be held the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden eagle”, which awards the national Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences of Russia. Today was announced the contenders for this prestigious award.

The full list of nominees of the award “Golden eagle-2017” to your attention:

Best film

“Duelist”, Director Alexey Mizgirev, the producers Alexander Rodnyansky, Sergey Melkumov

“Icebreaker”, Director Nikolai Khomeriki, producers Igor Tolstunov, Sergey Kozlov, Alexander Kozlov

“Paradise”, directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, produced by, Andrei Konchalovsky, Florian Daile

“The collector”, directed by Aleksey Krasovskiy, producers Dmitry Ruzhentsev ,Georgi Shabanov, Eduard Iloyan

“The crew”, Director Nikolai Lebedev, producers Leonid Vereshchagin, producer Anton Zlatopolsky, Nikita Mikhalkov


Названы имена претендентов на статуэтку «Золотой орел-2017″

Best TV movie or mini-series (10 episodes)

“Money,” directed by Yegor Anashkin, producers Alexander Kushaev, Irina Smirnova

“Klim”, directed by Karen Oganesyan, producer Alexander Tsekalo

“Fartsa”, directed by Egor Baranov, producer Alexander Tsekalo

Best television series (10 episodes)

“Margarita Nazarova” directed by Konstantin Maximov, produced by Olga Pogodina, Alexey Pimanov

“Method”, directed by Yuri Bykov, producers Alexander Tsekalo, Konstantin Ernst

“Quiet flows the don”, directed by Sergey Ursulyak, producer Anton Zlatopolsky

Best documentary film

“24 snow”, directed by Michael barynin

“The forgotten flight”, directed by Andrei Osipov

“Bloody Tusk”, directed by Sergei Yastrzhembsky

Best short film

“Mama”, directed by Kirill Pletnev

“Brutus”, Director Konstantin FAM

“Well, Hello, Oksana Sokolova”, directed by Kirill Vasilyev

Best animated film

“Wolves and sheep: BAA-e-e-suminoe transformation”, Director Maxim Volkov

“Cat and mouse”, directed by Natalia Chernysheva

Moroshka, Director Pauline minchenok

Best Director

Alexey Mizgirev — “Duelist”

Andrei Konchalovsky — “Paradise”

Nikolai Lebedev — “Crew”

The best scenario

Alexey Krasovsky — “Collector”

Yuri Arabs — “the Monk and the demon”

Andrei Konchalovsky, Elena Kiseleva — “Paradise”

Best actress in a movie

Kseniya Rappoport — “the Queen of Spades”

Julia — “Paradise”

Victoria Isakov — “The Apprentice”

Best actor in a movie

Peter Fedorov — “Duelist”

Ivan Yankovsky — “the Queen of Spades”

Danila Kozlovsky — “The Crew”


Названы имена претендентов на статуэтку «Золотой орел-2017″

Best actress of the second plan

Julia Aug — Disciple

Elena Yakovleva — “the best day”

Irina Pegova — “Crew”

Best male role of the second plan

Roman Madyanov — “the Monk and the demon”

Sergey Shakurov — “Crew”

Sergey Gazarov — “Crew”

Best actress on television

Julia Peresild — “Lyudmila Gurchenko”

Olga Pogodina — “Margarita Nazarova”

Svetlana Ivanova — “The Investigator Tikhonov”

Best actor on television

Konstantin Lavronenko — “Klim”

Keira Knightley — “Method”

Yevgeny Tkachuk — “The Quiet Don”

Best cinematography

Maxim Osadchy, “The Duelist”

Alexander Simonov — “Paradise”

Vladislav Opelyants — The Learner

Best art Director

Andrey Ponkratov — “Duelist”

Alexander Adabashyan — “were we”

Vladimir Yuzhakov — “Contribution”

Best costume

Tatiana Patrahaltsev — “Duelist”

Inessa Snezhkina, “The Indemnity”

Natalia Ershova — “the Mystery of the Snow Queen”

The best music for the film

Igor Vdovin — “Duelist”

Sergei Shustitsky — “Paradise”

Artem Vasiliev — “Crew”

Best film editing

Carolina Matsievskaya — Queen of Spades

Alexander Kopeikin — “Icebreaker”

Alex Samodelka — “Crew”

Best makeup artist and cosmetic effects

Elena Fomicheva — Queen of Spades

Marina Krasnovidova — “Duelist”

Natalia Gracheva — The “Indemnity”

Best visual effects

The Studio, Main Road Post — “Duelist”


CGF — “Crew”

Best foreign film in the Russian hire

“High life”, the film “Volga”

“The survivors” distributors “Twentieth century Fox CIS”

The “spy bridge” distributors “Twentieth century Fox CIS”