Sochi, the singer gathered evidence for the court with Alexander Revva

Сочинский певец собрал доказательства для суда с Александром Реввой The artist believes that the entertainer stole a song “Chica”. According to singer, Alexander Revva used his explanation and the idea in his new song. That is why he wants to deal with the showman in the law.
Сочинский певец собрал доказательства для суда с Александром Реввой

Star Comedy Club Alexander Revva was in a bad situation. Singer from Sochi Ruslan Kagarmanov appealed to the Nikulinskiy court of Moscow with the claim. He decided to prove that famous showman borrowed his tunes. In may under the pseudonym Artur Pirozhkov Revva released the song “Chica”. It became a matter of dispute. According to Ruslan, he has all the evidence that he’s right.

“Helped me to make an examination of my song “Chica”, which blatantly stole. It turned out that the tracks coincide Revva and not only my words, but the idea” – said Kagarmanov.

By the way, Revva, trying not to react to the situation with the lawsuit. The artist busy with performances and therefore spoke only of plans to shoot a video for the controversial song. “Soon we fly to Lisbon in Portugal to shoot a video for this song. But PR at my expense all enough” – said the actor.

It became known that Ruslan does not claim to fame of Alexander. According to him, it’s all right with working in the clubs and restaurants of Sochi, as well as his work. “It is not for the loot! It is clear that there will be a claim in damages, but the original goal to take this to a public discussion! To composers ceased to steal ideas, and put them for his!” says Kagarmanov.

Yet the legislature did not appoint the exact date of the process, and the statement is left without movement. “Why is everyone so interested in when will the court?”, – so reacted Ruslan on a question of journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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