Edita has cancelled concerts due to lack of money

Эдита Пьеха отменила концерты из-за нехватки денег The actress can’t pay rent money. Edita complained that she had to cancel the traditional speech, timed to the day of birth, because now for the opportunity to sing on the stage of BKZ “Oktyabrsky”, you need to give at least a million rubles.
Эдита Пьеха отменила концерты из-за нехватки денег

Every year on 31 Jul fans of Edita come from all over the world in Saint Petersburg. The performance artist in the birthday on the stage of BKZ “October” has long been a tradition. However, this time the concert was cancelled.

As it turned out, Edita are unable to pay an expensive rental of the hall. She complained that the administration of the concert hall “October” significantly increased rates, which was a complete surprise to the stars.

“Before I discount this room is also not provided, but was the normal price. And now a million and something. They decided to inflate, and now I can’t afford that kind of money. Of course, there will be a fee from the sale of tickets, but I need musicians to pay. If I pay the rent, then she will go to the transition to beg. Don’t want to wait for this moment. Let the rich pay the artists,” said Peha.
Эдита Пьеха отменила концерты из-за нехватки денег

However, fans of the stars do not despair. They will be able to hear your favorite hits performed by Edita, but this time the concert will be held at a different venue. Peha said that it is ready to act even multiple times if required by its many fans.

Of course, the artist could raise ticket prices, but she didn’t want to do that. According to Peha, it is important that every fan could afford to go to a concert.

“My fans – poor people. They – the workers, mostly retirees. How can I do expensive tickets? By the way, recently noticed that the youth found in one of my shows too. Probably due to the fact that all of the 63 years that I’m on stage, I have one rule: you have to love the audience, and themselves,” said the artist.

Despite the fact that this year Edite stanislavovne will be 81 years old, she is not going to withdraw completely from the scene. According to star, she feels great, and will be able to work full concert.

Dealing with “Sobesednik” the actress stressed that it prefers not to tour. She performs mainly at corporate events and birthdays, but does it infrequently. According to Peha, she likes to enjoy peace and rest from the active concert activities.

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