Dzhanabaeva spoke about relations with Meladze children

Джанабаева рассказал об отношениях Меладзе с детьми The singer shared a touching family details. Albina dzhanabaeva lives in marriage with Valery Meladze for four years. She watches as those closest to her people spend time together.
Джанабаева рассказал об отношениях Меладзе с детьми

Albina dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze have two sons – Constantine and Luca. For a long time, the singer made it clear that the father of the older child is a 53-year-old singer, who at the time of birth of the boy was married. Only five years later the couple revealed the truth when the musician put an end to the marriage with his wife Irina.

If earlier dzhanabaeva tried as little as possible to talk about your family, it is now quite openly shares the details of the relationship between the closest people. So, she told me that all the free time they Meladze spend with your favorite heirs.

“The older they get, the more interesting they are together. I think any dad connects to the upbringing of children, when they have become slightly more adult. They love to walk together in the pool, walk, watch movies. Sometimes Kostya comes with some chips, light bulbs, they both sit down and understand how things work,” admitted dzhanabaeva.
Джанабаева рассказал об отношениях Меладзе с детьми

Albina said that in early age the most important thing for kids is to care, which is primarily the kids get from mom. Growing older, children and fathers have more topics of conversation and shared Hobbies. The singer admitted that she is very interesting to observe how the sons spend time with his father.

Dzhanabaeva not upset due to the fact that now 14-year-old Kostya has not yet decided on their future profession. She admitted that adolescents are changing almost every day. The actress sees no need to rush son’s choice of vocation for life.

The youngest child of the star couple while interested in sports. Albina says that he is very active, and because the exercise help him lose the excess energy.

“We recently gave it to gymnastics for an hour a day there he runs, jumps, jumping on the trampoline, and only then, coming out with a workout, a little bit relieve excess energy, and can humanly communicate. Otherwise, he’s not sitting for a second,” admitted dzhanabaeva.

Former soloist of “VIA gra” told “TV guide” that, despite the education psychologist and the study of adolescent behavior, it is not easy to survive the growing up of his own son.

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