Sobchak intervened in the conflict Shnurov and Posner

Собчак вмешалась в конфликт Шнурова и Познера The presenter spoke about the altercation between colleagues due to the sharp phrase of a journalist. Posner criticized Shnurov, calling him an empty man. Sobchak tried to dot the “i” in the current situation.
Собчак вмешалась в конфликт Шнурова и Познера

A few days ago, the Network broke the conflict between Vladimir Pozner and Sergey Shnurov. In one interview, the presenter called the leader of group “Leningrad” is empty, uninteresting and stupid. According to him, the artist failed in interview which they did for the First channel. Rocker could not remain silent and suggested to Posner to make a “battle” to make claims to each other.

Internet users are actively watching the situation. Ksenia Sobchak, who is familiar with both parties to the altercation, spoke about the fact that the battle between broadcaster and musician did not take place. In her opinion, Cords are good at writing lyrics, so Posner would be difficult to compete with him.

“Strange, Mr President, in my view, to shift the responsibility for the interview to the interviewee. This is how to shift the responsibility for bad gig at the viewer. But the truth is that I’m knowing you well, I have seen that for some reason you didn’t want to talk with Vladimir Pozner. Did not want to open and generally was in the “deaf defense”. It happens, but such a defense is not to break even the nuclear warheads,” – said Sobchak.

The presenter noted in the post that the second discussing his interview that he gave to Yuri Dude, also gave her impressions. He gave special emphasis in the conversation on the value of the teeth and the sexual aspect of his life. Ksenia says that he would like to know other facts about a colleague. According to Sobchak, Cords really wanted to catch HYIP (bring the noise – Approx. “StarHit”), entered into a squabble with Posner.

“In short, the conclusion is – better come to me to debate, boys. It’s just the journalist, the singer will give the same equal opportunity, well, do not quarrel or bicker just me in the air,” said Ksenia.

Recall that personal acquaintance and Posner Shnurov took place in the author’s program of journalist. The fellowship of the rocker and the lead went wrong. “He walked away from the questions all the time. He spun like a snake, he’s something clever – there, here. And I thought, okay, I do destroy the image, but I couldn’t help it, I have no such problems! I was wondering – is the most popular person! What is it, so to speak, power? Goes – nothing”, – shared after the broadcast, Posner.