Anna Sedokova announced irreconcilable differences with his father third child

Анна Седокова заявила о непримиримых разногласиях с отцом третьего ребенка The singer confirmed that broke up with businessman Artem Komarov, who made her an offer of marriage. According to Anna Sedokova, they often quarreled. The chosen star was against her activities as a singer.

In April, the singer Anna Sedokova is a mother again. A month before the happy event, the actress announced to fans that he plans to marry. The singer made no secret that dwells in the seventh heaven from happiness, and shared his emotions with the public. However, after some time, Anna has hinted at problems in relationships with partner, businessman Artem Komarov. “In order to remain in his heart, you need to leave” – such an ambiguous signature, the celebrity has left to one of the photos.

Sedokova recently gave a Frank interview to journalists, which made the confession about his personal life. According to Anna, she was actually preparing for the wedding ceremony, but now everything has changed.

“I can say that today we decided not to go along together. It’s a complicated story, that’s just harder than all my stories before. But… I look at my son every day and realize that it is such a joy! (…) And drama is no more, the song Polina Gagarina in his song. Because of the drama so much I don’t want”, – explained the artist.

Speaking about why she did not have a relationship with the father of a young Hector, Anna Sedokova said that they had “irreconcilable differences” for her activities as a singer. Statements of the second half frustrated singer, which has always dreamed of be realized as a person and become an artist.

“The man says – why, they say, you go to work. (…) Well, that’s why you want the job, it’s show business, it’s all dirt! Why would you want to shoot clips? You can simply open the gallery, you’ll have your own art gallery,” reported the star words of a former lover.

According to Anna Sedokova, her romance with Artem Komarov lasted a year. The singer is convinced that the businessman did not believe in her abilities. “And I don’t want ninety-nine percent of the time to spend on something to someone to prove, they say, I’m not an idiot, I’m talented, I’m an artist”, – quotes the singer the magazine OK!.

Recall that charming Hector, who was born in a clinic in Los Angeles, was the third child of Anna Sedokova. The singer also brings up daughters Monica and Alina. According to star, her heiress gladly accepted the news about the birth of a brother. Girls love to spend time with the baby and help mom with caring for him.