Alexandra Bortech stout beyond recognition

Александра Бортич располнела до неузнаваемости Recently, the star of the movie “Viking” began to give preference to the clothes free cut. As it turned out, Alexander Bortech had to make a sacrifice for the sake of work. The young actress was approved for the main role in the new film by Alexei Needed, who filmed the TV series “Olga”.
Александра Бортич располнела до неузнаваемости

22-year-old actress Alexandra Bortech now removed in the film “I lose weight” Director Alexei Desired, with the participation of Irina Gorbacheva, Evgeny Kulik and Roman Kurzyna. Specifically for the new project the artist had to go to drastic measures. In the film the main character decides to lose weight for a guy who left her because of the excess weight. According to some, Alexander gained 20 pounds to look good on the screen.

Photos of your phenomenal transformation Bortech shared in one of the social networks. The actress accompanied the making of a hashtag with the name of the picture.

Pictures of Alexandra provoked heated discussions on the Internet. Bortech fans were quick to support in the comments to the pictures. They also appreciated the courage of Actresses who are not afraid to demonstrate changes in appearance. “You”, “Yell”, “Chic”, “Best”, “Wow”, “wow. Respect,” “didn’t know”, “When spent a summer at grandma’s”, “What a delicious, donuts rule”, “You’re just the bomb! Love”, “Much to eat more you want,” was discussed by the fans of the young actress.

She Bortech decided not to speak about resonant frames. Recently, the actress prefers not to publish photos in tight clothes, and avoid shooting in full growth.

Earlier in an interview, Alexander admitted that a very responsible attitude to shooting. Each of the roles Bortech became her special and difficult in its own way. According to the actress, the hardest thing was to work on a historical blockbuster “the Viking”. The artist had to “get used” to a distant era and try to understand how at that time people thought and felt. However, apparently, Alexander did a good job with the task. After the premiere of the film Director Andrei Kravchuk the girl began to receive tempting offers. Bortech involved in several major projects – the TV series “Alien blood,” and in the film “Explorer” and “Burn!”.

By the way, one of the roles in the new film with the participation of stars “the Viking” also approved of the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov. He will play the father of the protagonist in the performance of Bortech. Once the character of musician was a real Tomboy, but over time became a serious businessman engaged in the construction of baths. Filming of “I lose weight” is to be completed by the autumn and the film will be released in 2018.