Slimming Polina Gagarina returned to secular life

Похудевшая Полина Гагарина вернулась к светской жизни At the end of April, the artist for the second time became a mother. A couple of days ago, the star appeared for the first time on stage, and last evening, accompanied by her husband and son appeared at the premiere screening of the cartoon “Trio plumes”.
Похудевшая Полина Гагарина вернулась к светской жизни

Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov recently become parents: the singer gave birth to a daughter who was named MIA. The star did not advertise his position, hiding the rounded shape under bulky clothes. Pauline explained that he did not want to attract the attention of the public.

And now, after just a few weeks after the birth of her daughter, Gagarin appeared at a social event accompanied by her husband and son Andrew. The star attended the premiere screening of the cartoon “Trio plumes”, in which he voiced one of the characters, the owl Olga.

Animated picture the German and Belgian production tells the story of the Sparrow Richard, who considers himself a stork and forced to migrate together with their “relatives”. In the Russian dubbing of the cartoon was also attended by Alexey Vorobyov and Philip. Officially in the domestic the film will be released on may 18, and last night in one of the cinemas hosted the premiere screening for journalists and the invited audience.

“The work was difficult but very interesting! The character of Olga is not a gift, she lady eccentric, unusual, but that she liked me and,” talks about the creative experience and his character, the singer.
Похудевшая Полина Гагарина вернулась к светской жизни

Also guests of the premiere of the cartoon became Tatiana Navka with her daughter Hope, Alika Smekhova with his son Makar, Mitya Fomin, and many other representatives of Russian show-business.

Fans of Polina Gagarina did not fail to note that the star quickly returned to form. Closed dress with a Golden sheen, she looked slim and younger.

That actress is in great shape, the fans made sure after her recent performance at a private party in one of Moscow’s entertainment centers. This was the first official performance of a star in a few months.

“With the first us concert, with the opening of the season! Yay! The scene I missed you”, – shared his emotions Gagarin.

However, all his strength, the singer now pays no creativity, and motherhood. In her Instagram with enviable regularity began to appear a post about baby MIA. However, the girl’s face to fans of Polina has not yet shown.

“Be happy baby! In the world there are no words to describe our affection and love for you, our little girl,” says the happy singer.