Анастасия Волочкова устроила дочери мастер-класс 11-year-old Ariadne was surprised mom in the kitchen. The ballerina and her heir went to culinary Studio Julia Vysotskaya to cook Italian pasta. Both were delighted with the experience.
Анастасия Волочкова устроила дочери мастер-класс

Ballerina has a busy schedule of rehearsals, concerts. Her 11-year-old Ariadne is not far behind from mom – teaches English and French, and is learning to play the piano. Sometimes they only see each other in the kitchen for Breakfast or lunch. These meetings have become more exciting, Anastasia and Arina decided to learn to cook pasta at home and pamper each other Italian dish. This celebrity heir went to culinary Studio Julia Vysotskaya, where the chef put on their aprons and set to the stove.

Anastasia made a choice in favor of pasta with seafood, and Arisha have decided to learn the method of cooking high-calorie meals with capers, Basil and cherry tomatoes. “Every day is, of course, there will not be, – said Nastya, kneading the dough. – The dish is delicious, but his second name “goodbye!”.

After that, mother and daughter roll out the dough and went to the car, which within seconds turned the layers into a ready to cook product. “Noodles cooked in just fifteen minutes, in contrast to the purchase, cooking which is a 9-minute,” explained the chef. After that, the guests of the Studio set the filling. Put to heat on the stove, two pans, and themselves took up knives: Anastasia cut Basil and parsley, and the Arish – tomatoes.

Анастасия Волочкова устроила дочери мастер-класс“I’m generally a fan of all green, – said Nastya at work. – Add grass everywhere, without it I tasteless”. “And I have a favourite dish – salad “Caesar,” continued Ariadne. I like to cook. I can, for example, vegetable stew or scrambled eggs to make”.

While the mother and daughter was slowly stirring the filling for a future dinner, the kitchen began to spread the delicious smells. “Arish, share with me their vegetable pasta?” – looking in the pan daughter, asked Anastasia. “Mom, I just from school, very hungry, so all she’ll eat. No offense!” – answered her daughter. … Not deceived! A minute later both enjoyed the dishes piping hot. “Wow, and I didn’t know so that you know how to cook! – emptying the plate, said Arish. – They need to come here with friends – let us make food for the week ahead!”