Певица Зара крестила малыша в Грузии The star became a mother for the daughter of his close friends. Singer Zara spoke about important in her life event subscribers microblog. The rite of baptism of a little girl was held in one of the churches in Tbilisi. The singer admitted that he loves adorable little girl named Thea.

Singer Zara has shared great news with fans. The singer has told that became the godmother of a beautiful girl. Zara is with great pleasure agreed to take on new responsibilities and took part in the sacrament of baptism. As admitted Zara, she loves adorable little girl named Thea. My godmother daughter, the singer calls “our precious girl”.

The baptism was held in the Church of Saint David, located on mount Mtatsminda in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. In this town, apparently, live friends Zara. Share shots of the ceremony, the singer did not, in fact baptism is a sacrament. In the microblog singer published a photo taken after the baptism of the girls. In the photo Zara gently hugs the baby to her breast, the godmother’s face is filled with amazing light.

“Major event – became the godmother of the little Thea, daughter of my friends Irina and Guram. May the Lord bless, mother of God protects his Holy Intercession to our precious baby girl,” wrote Zara in the microblogging under the incredibly touching scenes.

Members of stars have thrilled with a wonderful picture full of tenderness and love. “Lord, how beautiful all three of them! Health and happiness!”, “Zara, you are beautiful in everything, and you are the example to follow in everything. You are a true woman and a true believer”, “a nice, kind, good photo! What you have kind eyes, Zara. But eyes everyone knows how the mirror of the soul. Health and all the best to you, family and friends”, “Zara, what significant event in your life and in the life goddaughter! Congratulations! Peace to you peace and harmony!” – warmly praised the story of Zara on the christening of her fans.

Recall that the singer is the mother of two sons Daniel and Maxim. Despite a heavy touring schedule, the singer tries to give maximum time to communicate with children. Almost all summer last year, for example, Zara spent together with the boys. For the sake of her sons she even cancelled a tour. We will remind, a year ago, the singer experienced a personal drama. She and her husband decided to leave and officially divorced. The singer is understood that in the difficult moment it was very much needed Daniel and Maxim, and did everything to make her break with her husband in no way affected the children. Singer Zara openly talked about the divorce with her husband