“Slave of love”: Elena Nightingale repeated the fate of its heroine

«Раба любви»: Елена Соловей повторила судьбу своей героини The film has become prophetic for the actress. In the program “Secrets of our cinema” presenter Ivan Usachev spoke about how the iconic movie was filmed about the fate of the Russian intelligentsia. The main characters of the film, as played it actors dreamed of emigration from the throes of revolution, Russia.

      «Раба любви»: Елена Соловей повторила судьбу своей героини

      The film “Slave of love” was the second feature film directed by Nikita Mikhalkov, who at that time was only thirty years old. This work brought him international fame along with awards at International film festivals in Iran and France. Foreign colleagues and critics admired the style of the film and couldn’t believe it was taken in record time – in just two months.

      About how there was the actor’s fate, and what was left over, said the leader of the program “Secrets of our cinema” Ivan Usachev. The film “Slave of love” Nikita Mikhalkov was commissioned to finish after the Director, Rustam Khamdamov, who worked on him, quarreling with the management of “Mosfilm”. All given two months. But Mikhalkov decided to change the actors, rewrite the script, in General, started from scratch.

      Elena Solovey, who played in the film actress Olga Voznesenskaya, was the only artist remaining from the team’s former Director. She starred in the movie pregnant, but Nikita Mikhalkov is not confused. By the way, this picture Mikhalkov’s “unfinished piece for mechanical piano” the Nightingale, too, was pregnant.

      «Раба любви»: Елена Соловей повторила судьбу своей героини“Lena is an amazing phenomenon, says about the Nightingale Nikita Mikhalkov. – A strange mixture of, on the one hand, professional on the other, a man who could choose any role in the family.”

      After the role of Olga Voznesenskaya in “Slave of love” Elena Solovey was a resounding success, it was snapped up by the Directors. But the actress could easily refuse the tempting offer, if she needed to be near family. Nightingale admits that to her family has always been in the first place and now proudly shows photos of her grandchildren, which has four – Sonya, Pear, Fyodor, Ivan.

      By the way, is this a coincidence or a prophecy, but Elena Nightingale repeated the fate of its heroine, who dreamed of emigration from Russia, which was divided between the Bolsheviks and the whites. A quarter century ago with her husband, Elena Nightingale left for the United States, the couple live in new Jersey.

      «Раба любви»: Елена Соловей повторила судьбу своей героини

      Emigrated to America and Rodion Nahapetov, who starred in “Slave of love” of the protagonist, the revolutionary-underground worker employed by the operator, Victor Potocki. For the role the brunette Nahapetova had to dye my hair blond. Who played the lovers, Elena Nightingale and Rodion Nahapetov do not communicate between new Jersey, where she lives and Los Angeles where the house nahapetova, four thousand kilometers.

      «Раба любви»: Елена Соловей повторила судьбу своей героини

      According to Nikita Mikhalkov, the film-makers he picked at tryouts and auditions, and at the table. “Our team was all formed during Lunches and dinners. We drank, ate, talked, argued, swore. But we were all on the same page,” says the Director.

      Little known fact – the final scene of the painting “Slave of love” was dubbed for ideological reasons. The heroine of Elena Solovey hurtling into the unknown red car. They were after her men on horses. “Gentlemen, you beasts! You will be cursed by your country”, says the actress. But if you look at her lips to understand what she’s saying another phrase.

      «Раба любви»: Елена Соловей повторила судьбу своей героини“She said: “gentlemen, this is a mistake,” – says Nikita Mikhalkov. – The editorial Board we were called: how so? We had to save the picture. I agreed to change the final phrase, but the fabric of the film left.”
      «Раба любви»: Елена Соловей повторила судьбу своей героини