Lisa Peskov: “My skin was drying up the blood”

Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови» Daughter of press Secretary of the President shared with “StarHit”, as fighting acne. According to the girl, at some point her face became so serious that she was forced to turn to medical professionals.

      Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови»

      The successor to the press Secretary of the President of Russia is often compared with her younger sister Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner. Daughter Dmitry Peskov has really grown into a real beauty with feminine shapes. To look like this, Lisa has to make an effort: she plays sports and keeps the skin. In beauty an interview with “StarHit” Peskov told, what cosmetic products use it, and how she managed to win the severe stage of acne.

      Lisa, tell me, is it easy for you to always look radiant? Had to deal with the problems?
      Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови»From 13 years I had one of the most severe stages of acne. Tried to be treated in all possible ways: from hormonal tablets and homeopathy to manual cleansing and heaps of different “dinerito”. Flew in the dermatology clinic in Hamburg, said that my skin could only be cured by a specific remedy. Antibiotics had to take 12 months to accumulate a certain number of milligrams, but I quit for 10 months, since the skin is dried up blood. Was it, I forgot how you looked with acne, but after a year they began to appear again. Finally I was cured at the dermatology center tsnikvi in Moscow, these pills only under the constant supervision of a physician, monitoring of tests and adaptation of the number of milligrams and the use of moisturizers. Now I still are under the supervision of a physician and only use drugstore cosmetics. Face masks I do not want to, and I don’t try anything except care prescribed by a doctor or beautician in my mom’s salon “KALE”. Here know my skin with all the subtleties of care for her.
      You are often asked in social networks, what tools do you use in skin care. Give 5-7 favorite beauty products that are always in your makeup bag.
      Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови»Mascara Mac Haute&Naughty Lash Brown – the best thing I bought “MACe”! Shadow Benefit Big Beautiful eyes – compulsory palette in my makeup bag for all occasions! Also use concealer Pro Longwear Concealer cache-cernes NC20, it’s the same for me concealer. Clarins Ever Matte is a favorite, the only one that fits my skin tone cream. Kyliner eyeliner Brown eye Kylie Jenner. Kylie Lipkit pencil lip tint Maliboo – I really like her makeup. But be warned – it is very difficult pencils sharpened, broken, respectively, quickly come to an end. But their quality is worth it! Of use Mac matte lipstick Honey Love & Velvet Teddy… by the Way, living in a six-month winter, the Russians would highly recommend the gel Homeoplasmine! In my opinion, is the most effective way to combat chapped lips, cheeks, hands and other chapped skin areas. Mac Harmony Matte Powder blush – my favorite concealer to the cheekbones. In my purse also always have a Mac highlighter Mineralize Skinfinish Lightscapade A95. Sometimes only apply it without using other products. Like the sequins.—
      What’s your favorite makeup?
      Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови»Hands and cheekbones a La Brigitte Bardot or black “Smokey”, sometimes with the addition of a Burgundy or a silver shade.

      How to begin your morning?
      Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови»I’m a real lark. Go to bed early and get up early. My morning always starts in 5 hours with a glass of warm water with lemon. Pair I start either at 8:15 or 10:00 am. In the first case, waking up, reading with a Cup of coffee – one of the favorite drinks. In the second case, by 5:30 I was already in the hall. I really don’t like to hurry, especially when it comes to Breakfast. For me it is very important to sit in the morning for half an hour, to eat and to drink a Cup of coffee, tune in for the day. —
      What kind of exercise to maintain tone doing?
      Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови»Each day will run for one hour from 7 to 9 km Four times a week and go to the gym where doing exercises your abs, arms, back and buttocks. In Moscow I will visit a Pilates workout in Studio personal training Pilates PMP. Sport helps me to nourish not only the body but also the spirit!—
      In a bath or sauna go? Creams for body use?
      Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови»I love bath, sauna, Hamam, but are there just in case when it is possible to visit all three, to plunge into the ice bath, have a massage and wiped with ice. I’m literally obsessed with body creams! Buy in The Body Shop, in the salons of different, sometimes even not very well-known companies. Recently, the mother of Israel’s vanilla cream has brought, very much. But scrubs is not in use.

      How to treat the water? Drink the required two litres a day?
      Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови»Don’t go an hour without water! I usually fill one half-liter bottle with water and carry with me everywhere. A day drink 4-5 liters. And yet, sometimes, I get very attached to the bottle, as weird as it sounds, and it makes me sad to change it once a week for a new one. —
      How you treat your hair? I love to experiment with color and length?
      Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови»The only thing I regret in this life is that at the age of 13 cuts on the shoulders, the hair that was below the waist. And mom warned! To grow now they are very difficult, but still happens. Every two weeks I will do an oil wrap, a procedure with cumulative effect (La Biostethique). In Moscow – Fire cut-know how Olga Kurbanova, in Paris – the house itself. Every two months do firecut – sealing split ends with fire. It does not need no haircut. Very annoying when people ask me where and how I paint. I’m a natural blonde and never in my life didn’t even make the highlights. I love your rare hair color and appreciate it very much. —
      Tell me about your favorite perfume.
      Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови»Everyone is always complimenting me and very often ask this question, but I never give him answer. I can only say that create your own perfume in some degree itself, preventing three products, and do not change habits for more than three years. I love it when the man has his own smell, which can be used to find out which can be used, and with whom will arise of the Association. I can’t stand hyped recognizable fragrances-best sellers famous brands. As for male scents – I love the flavors with the addition of Oud and Musc. And the most favourite men’s perfume – Hermes Ambre.—
      Remember the beauty advice from mom that are still in use?
      Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови»Regardless of how late I came home and in any state was always to cleanse the skin before bedtime!

      The nail paint itself or in the cabin? Your favorite color of nail Polish?
      Лиза Пескова: «Моя кожа сохла до крови»Never done it myself – thanks mom and her salon. I have very long nails, I do not build up. Be sure to go for a manicure every three weeks. Already four years I use only shellac. It seems to me that regular nail Polish does not look so neat. Love “French” or red. Always pay attention to the human hand, for me it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the body.—
      Judging by your microblog, you are traveling quite often. Where they like to visit most?
      I am cosmopolitan, love to travel, and feel great everywhere except Munich. Importantly, the air conditioning was in the heat swoon!