Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan choose a name for a child

Ксения Собчак и Максим Виторган выбирают имя для ребенка “StarHit” decided to find out how the stars can be called a son or daughter, and whether their child to copy their parents. To determine the celebrities is easy, because the heir will unite two well-known and respected family. So to the question Sobchak and Vitorgan will fit thoroughly.

      Ксения Собчак и Максим Виторган выбирают имя для ребенка

      Ksenia Sobchak and her husband Maxim Vitorgan will soon become parents. The presenter, who is now in her last month of pregnancy, demonstrates to others a big belly. Fans of celebrities are wondering who will give birth to Xenia — a boy or a girl? At the same time, others believe that the family of celebrities replenished with twins. The stars themselves do not comment on public comment.

      The Vitorgan, tired from the increased attention from journalists, sarcastically joked about the new addition to the family. First, the actor talked about the fact that Xenia gave birth to a girl named Anna, and later told about the birth of the boy Anton. “StarHit” has decided to understand, as it really could be called star spouses of their children.

      Maxim Vitorgan talks about adding to the family

      ANTON is the name of jokes Maxim Vitorgan

      Value name: from the Latin “competing”. In childhood Anton dreamy and affectionate, and a grown man with this name is prone to self-sacrifice and sentimentality. In addition to the kindness and patience also has a good memory and intuition. Among the disadvantages — temper and lack of confidence in their abilities.

      That the couple had a son, who was named Anton, spouse Ksenia Sobchak said on the premiere of the film “the Queen of spades”, which he visited with his wife. However, after some time, it became known that the news of childbirth leading is not true. We can only guess why Vitorgan was joking. Fans of the star couple assume that the spouses will depart from tradition when choosing a name for your baby.

      Anatoly is the father of Ksenia Sobchak

      The meaning of the name: comes from the Greek word “rising”. It is believed that Anatolia can easily build relationships with people, and also different steadiness, docility, and easily gaining the trust of women. In addition, they have developed a sense of justice.

      Anatoly Sobchak was one of the most prominent politicians of his time. In an interview with Ksenia said sincerely loved my father and admired him. Moreover, the Pope was the leading ideal, and his departure became a star a huge tragedy and one of the most difficult experiences. Sobchak also admitted that after the death of the policy she had depression, which she barely managed.

      “I love and will always love you. Thank you for teaching me to be free, not to be afraid to say what you think, and for teaching me to see the thing in people. The hardest part for me is to accept that to be a man of your scale — it is a luxury and a rarity for people. And all life is a search for those “large cell”. Those who at least something like you,” wrote Sobchak in his microblog, remembering his father.

      Boris is the grandfather of Xenia’s maternal

      Value name: Borislav goes back to the old “fighter for glory.” Positive qualities — optimism, curiosity, creative thinking, and commitment. At the same time, Boriss able to be impulsive and often unpredictable.

      During one of his speeches Ksenia told that was only familiar with the mother’s parents. Boris Moiseevich Narusou — grandfather of the TV presenter. When Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union, he was educated at the Smolensk military school. Boris Moiseevich went through the war, was repeatedly wounded and was a very brave man, capable of heroic feats. So, once he got this close to the German bunker that it opened fire. Despite the injuries, the grandfather Sobchak managed to throw a grenade and destroy the enemies.

      The day of the victory of Boris Moiseevich met in the Russian part of Berlin. There he met his fate with Valentina Vladimirovna, and grandmother Sobchak. A few years later the couple had a daughter, Larisa, a year later, the lovers went to Bryansk, where Boris Moiseevich worked as a Komsomol organizer and Director of the house of culture, and also studied history and speech pathology departments. After graduation Ksenia’s grandfather became the head of the school of the deaf. The man was helping to train people with disabilities for 23 years, and then this institution has reduced. Daughter of Boris Moiseevich followed in his footsteps.

      In the late 90s, Boris M. and his wife moved to St. Petersburg at the insistence of Anatoly Sobchak. My grandfather Xenia had health problems — he suffered from leukemia, which he picked up after the Chernobyl disaster, so the man was in need of regular examinations, which he passed in the cultural capital.

      It is known that the future star lived in the city of Bryansk with grandparents the first four years of his life. In an interview, Boris Moiseevich told that as a child she was very brisk and never stayed in place. Sobchak truly loved his relatives, even wanted to give them the education of their children, said her grandfather.

      Ксения Собчак и Максим Виторган выбирают имя для ребенка

      Valentina — grandmother Xenia’s maternal

      The meaning of the name: comes from the Latin “strong, healthy”. Valentina is usually very direct, friendly, kind and romantic. In addition, distinguished by frankness and seriousness than stand out against peers.

      Valentina Khlebosolova — grandmother Xenia’s maternal line. “She was stolen into captivity at the age of 16 years, after liberation by Soviet troops, worked as a translator in occupied Soviet rate German town, where my grandfather by that time it was the commandant,” that’s what I wrote Sobchak about his cousin on the Day of victory.

      In Nazi Germany, Valentina Vladimirovna had a very hard time. The woman survived all the horrors of slavery and concentration camps. In 1943 she was sent to milk the cows in a small town in the West of Germany. Sobchak believes that she is very lucky, because through its work, the grandmother managed not to die of hunger. In 1945, the Americans liberated the relative leading and other captives.

      Grandma and grandpa told Xenia about the war. Celebrity recalled that their stories were any more exciting textbooks. Valentina and Boris M. lived for several dozen years together, celebrating the diamond wedding.

      Alla favorite singer Xenia

      The meaning of the name: from ancient Arabic “letter” Gothic “invincible”. Catchy, energetic and charismatic nature, which is able to build plans and achieve their goals. Alla also like to give valuable guidance and often addicted to art.

      Ksenia once told that very much wants to interview Alla Pugacheva. According to Sobchak, the Diva is not only a real symbol of the era and an incredible woman, but a man with a difficult fate. The presenter also admitted that she would like to ask Alla about what it’s like to always sacrifice personal to public. Not much less Sobchak was fascinated by the theme of ex-lovers singer, remembered only as “the men Pugacheva”. Ksenia wondered, would a Diva, so it was the opposite.

      After some time, the dream Sobchak came true. In 2012 Xenia was lucky enough to talk to Alla Borisovna and ask the singer all her interest. Pugacheva became a guest author of the program leading to the channel “Rain”. Interview Sobchak with the Diva discussed the whole country — so it was lively and interesting. Itself Ksenia admitted that he does not consider the resulting release program interviews. According to celebrity, she just talked with a woman of a different generation and a different way of thinking. From the height of his experience of life Pugacheva gave advice and shared in the Studio with emotion.


      There is a belief that a person’s name affects its fate. Below is a few recommendations from astrologers, which can be relied on, naming the baby. However, it is worth remembering that the decision always remains with the parents, and these tips in any case are not a direct reference to action.

      If the child Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan will be born until November 22, it will be Scorpio. Astrologers suggest to call the representatives of this sign Agatha, Anastasia, Maria or Marianna. In addition, there are the following women’s names — Anna, Nellie, Natalie, Edna, Genevieve, Elizabeth, Barbara, Emma, Stella, Alice, Margaret, Martha, Yaroslav, Love, Anfisa, Lyuda, Lyudmila, Larisa and Zoya.

      As for the Scorpions male, they can come such names as Dmitry and Egor. Astrologers also recommend to call the kids by Taras, Jan, Yaroslav, Vladislav, James, Sergey, Archie, Artem, Rodion, Theodore, Edward, Oscar, George, Gregory, Maxim, Nikolay, Paul and Eugene.

      In that case, if replenishment of the family of stars will happen after November 23, their baby will be a Sagittarius. According to astrologers, girls born under this sign, can you come such names as Catherine, Alice, Marina, Inna, Inessa and Irina. The child can also be called Victoria, Kira, Yana, Margarita and Vladislava.

      If to speak about boys, the nature of Sagittarius blends with such names as Alexander, Artem, Maxim, Roman and Yaroslav. In addition, astrologers suggest to name the baby Peter, Stepan, Rodion, Vladimir, Stanislav and Arseny.

      expert opinion

      “StarHit” also contacted the grandmaster of Tarot and numerology Ilana sazonovoj to learn about what may be the character of the child presenter and actor.

      “Because it is unknown the exact date of birth, astrological forecast is difficult to do. Well,if it’s born a Sagittarius. But if the Scorpio, the last degree, Yes, having inherited the flamboyant character of Xenia…then … Oh! Generally, this will be a completely different person, he would surpass his father and mother, I mean by nature,” says Ilana.

      The woman also made mathematical calculations maps associated with Sobchak and her lover. According to Sazonova, date of birth, Xenia tied to 8th Arcana of the Tarot according to Crowley. “The card represents karma, that is what you earn in this life, you get. It is unbiased Arkan”,— said Elana.

      As for Vitorgan, related to the 12th Arcana of the Tarot. “It is quite a soft person and always strives for knowledge and, possibly, prone to meditation. The base, upon which will appear the child are his parents, the heir of Ksenia and Maxim will take some of the energy from father and another from mother,” commented Sazonov.