Skinny Anfisa Chekhova told about their illness

Похудевшая Анфиса Чехова рассказала о своей болезни
The presenter does not intend to fight the disease.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

Anfisa Chekhova, markedly postroynevshaya some time ago, disappointed their fans with news. Instead of fun to spend the weekend with his family, the presenter had a high fever. But even in this state Anfisa tried to find their strengths.

“Even with the disease don’t need to fight, we need to allow it to be… to be Treated — Yes! But not to fight. Disease need to love with all my heart, and to hear what she wants to tell you. Sounds technical and confusing and probably not clear. But now no strength to explain. All the better! If you really love yourself and understand!” — wrote Chekhov.

Incidentally, her original method of treatment was effective. The next morning the actress was much better. “When you do not resist disease, it goes pretty fast!” — admitted Anfisa. His words Chekhov accompanied by a picture with yoga.

By the way, some time ago, the TV host revealed the real cause of your weight loss. It turned out that it is not in the correct diet or physical exercise, but in the inner attitude. “No willpower, no special diet diets! I didn’t do anything to lose weight! But I changed my mind, grow spiritually, worked on their thoughts and psychology, caring about your health!” — told Anfisa his followers.