Mel Gibson is concerned about the age difference with his pregnant girlfriend

Мэл Гибсон озабочен разницей в возрасте с его беременной подругой
Rosalind Ross is preparing to bring happiness to the actor’s ninth child.

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross


Mel Gibson admitted recently that
had mixed feelings about the fact that he has already exceeded
the sixth decade, and his current girlfriend has not yet celebrated its 25th day

Earlier, the actor has spoken about this
a very different tone. He mentioned once that he believes 36-year-old difference in
age “just a number” and added: Rosalind — very Mature for her age, a woman, and
they just love each other. But the other day Mel told a reporter for the newspaper The Mirror:
“In fact, this difference may create a problem, and I certainly feel
concern for this reason. But so far everything works fine…” — said 60-year-old Mel. “However, I know that the future is always uncertain, and anything can happen. So just in case prepare themselves for any eventuality!” — said the actor.

Gibson met Rosalind, the former rider-athlete,
turned-screenwriter, in the spring of 2015. She then joined the
the team worked on another project Mel. And their business
the relationship quickly escalated into an affair.

And soon took their first romantic
voyage to Costa Rica, where
owned by the actor’s large estate, situated directly in the jungle. Since
then, Gibson and his friend are practically inseparable.

And in September of this year it became known that
Ross is pregnant and soon gives birth to Mel it is already the ninth child. This news
the actor reacted surprisingly calm. He said: “a Child? So what? One
more, it is not so important!” And
he added that it’s probably too old to worry on this occasion.