Patient Mikhail Zadornov refused to help wizards

Больной Михаил Задорнов отказался от помощи колдунов
Strong treatment of the satirist does not give the expected results.

Mikhail Zadornov


Mikhail Zadornov personally commented on his current condition. According to the satirist, yet powerful treatment does not produce the expected results. “In the press and on the Internet a lot of speculation about my condition. I want to clarify, — said Zadornov. Really, it’s not as good as I would like, despite the strong treatment!” However, Michael did not despair and is looking for reasons for joy. He asked his fans to send him in the social network funny videos that put him in a good mood.

By the way, the fans so much want Zadornov get better soon. that is literally flooded his addresses and phone numbers of various sorcerers and psychics who promise a quick recovery. Michael from such “professional help” delicately refused.

“It was nice to get so many good wishes in letters. Even too much! But even more letters about what you know, like, exactly who can cure. Ask for such letters, with links to all the sorcerers, and ekstrasensov me not to send. They have already accumulated more than a thousand. And most of them can only help healthy people. I rely on those scientists who have cured a lot…” said Michael.

Recall that a week ago, Zadornov was admitted to a private hospital straight from his concert in the capital.