Fans hardly recognized Vera Brezhnev in a new photo

Фанаты с трудом узнали Веру Брежневу на новом снимке
Daughter of the singer followed in her footsteps.

Vera Brezhneva with her daughters

Photo: @ververa (Instagram Vera Brezhneva)

Vera Brezhnev managed to instill in their children a love for lifestyle. A healthy diet and exercise are an integral part of family life of the singer. The Faith showed a photo with his two daughters, made during a joint trip to the gym.

What is surprising is that fans could not directly correct to identify in the photo Brezhnev. The fact that daughter and mother were captured on photo in a handstand from which to consider the face of each of them is not possible. At first she was confused with her older daughter, Sonya, who is like my mother’s figure and close to the shade of hair color. And only the appeared the caption: “mom in the center” helped to resolve the ensuing dispute in the comments.

It should be noted that such confusion was for Faith incredible compliment. In order to stay in such a luxurious form Brezhnev goes to the many victims: strictly refused sweet and regular (even on holidays) goes to the gym.

By the way, his passion for physical exercise Faith “infected” and his favorite — Konstantin Meladze. Now when the family travels around the world, a must be the long hours of walking.