Sister Oksana aplekaeva: “a maniac is after Me»

Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк» Cousin suddenly deceased member telestroke received threats. According to Olesya aplekaeva, it was reported that she will “burn your sister”. Besides, the woman said: all the information that are spreading online right now about Oksana is a lie.
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»

About ufimka Oksana aplikovat the country learned in March 2005 when she appeared in the show “Dom-2”. Dressed in a wedding dress, the girl immediately declared his sympathies for party of telestroke Stas Karimov. Determination bright blonde conquered heroes, and left her in a Clearing. Oksana stayed in the show for 75 days. During this time Aplekaeva had time to be disappointed in a chosen young man and fall in love again. A serious relationship but it was never built. “I think in 20 years I will be the same: the character will not change, vitality will remain, and will not take me!”- promised the girl, and in June left the construction site. Plans, however, Oksana was not to be.

At the end of August 2008 the friends of the girl reported her disappearance. In the search group included relatives of aplekaeva and other concerned people. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” found dead. The death of the girl caused a great resonance in society. Celebrity relatives attacked journalists with one question: “What happened?”Close but Oksana didn’t want to show his pain. Because of this, in the Internet there are a lot of rumors about the versions of the death of Oksana.

10 years later, the younger sister of a girl Olesya Aplekaeva broke the silence. The news of the rape of the corpse of ex-member shocked her entire family. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Oles told the truth about the lawsuit and how they survived the tragedy.

Eks-the participant “House-2” Oksana Aplekaeva raped after death

Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»
Olesya, after my sister died it was hard re-start to live?
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»In the first months after the funeral, the correspondents, like vultures, swooped down on my family. They didn’t care about the tragedy, our emotions and tears. Importantly, the material to remove “hot” and give it a shot. We don’t even understand how come the journalists. They came to work, stand guard at the door. Even at home we find peace – they rang the doorbell. I remember looking out, thinking someone from the family, and there they were outside with cameras.—
On his page you don’t even need sisters. Hesitate?
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»I love to review them. Sometimes, the memories wash over, and look how much fun spending time with sister. Of course, it’s been 10 years, I tried to forget about the mountain, but did not work… People found me in social networks, is constantly asked about Oksana. Everyone is interested to know what the outcome or how I feel. But I didn’t let anyone into his life, simply ignored their message. It was unpleasant to read negative letters. For example, one person napisyval: “I loved your sister! Want you went to her!”The man was clearly not himself. Blocked his page, and he created new accounts.
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»
Often you dream about Oksana?
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»Rare, but recently dreamed of. It seemed to me that I bought somewhere in the apartment, it was a lot of the rooms in the old mansions. I remember standing next to Oksana and show each bedroom. She looks up and suddenly sees a new piano. I explain to her that he was from the previous tenants did not understand that meant the dream.—
Come to her sister’s grave?
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»There are two times a year – her birthday and the day of death. You approach the monument, you say, “hi, Oksana!”and let’s share that heart, tell you as a mom. The tomb of the sisters is very well-maintained: there are a table and a bench. The plates are always fresh flowers, friends bring. One of Oxanine friends still support our family. She found me when it happened, were always connected. And friends.—
How’s mom?
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»It is now normal. The first four years, the mom he was restless, cried a lot. I couldn’t leave one, so I took to my apartment. Constantly talked to her, cheered. There was a time when she didn’t even leave the house. I told her, “You need a distraction!”Mommy listened, went back to work. Although she retired, I did not even discouraged to throw a favorite thing. Mom forgets all problems.—
What happened to Examinine things?
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»Sister lived with my mother. When grown, moved to the capital. Therefore, her children’s room long empty. After the death I took with a rented Moscow apartment all things to himself. Clothes, photos, makeup, all stashed in boxes. However, I wear a bracelet sister. I have it as a mascot. Let oksanka it was rarely worn, but still: so I feel a connection with her.—
Last year you became a wife. Like her future husband met?
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»My “Battle of psychics,” said in 2016 will marry. Thought nonsense. But – fulfilled. Her future husband, his name is Michael, met on the job. I am the Manager, and he came to me for training. Now the joke: “Dotirovanie to the Registrar’s office”. How quickly it all happened. I remember going on a date, I was confused, afraid even. Still, the age difference is 15 years. But he made me, Michael conquered his honesty and perseverance.
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»
As a future husband proposed to you?
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»Somehow Misha and his friend said that he went on business to the store. And in fact, he went to look for the traffic police. Found, told them that he wanted to propose to me. The guys agreed to help. I was home at the time, heard the bell ring. Answered the phone, and I there announced my husband… detained. I immediately went to the scene. Come look, he’s in handcuffs, panic, the traffic police have something against him. Think: how can I help my husband? Beginning to ask the representatives of the law, under what conditions can release Mike. And they told me in a serious tone said, “There is one. Olesya, will marry him?”Here I was in shock. Bear knelt, handcuffed, somehow got hidden the box with the ring and reiterated the question. People standing at the bus stop nearby, clapped and whistled. Well, I naturally said, “Yes!»—
About the children thinking?
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»From first marriage I have a son and daughter. But I predicted that there will be a second daughter. Asked the teller: “Can we call her Oksana?”She forbade, says it’s not worth risking the same fate as sisters.
Сестра Оксаны Аплекаевой: «Меня преследует маньяк»
Read what you write on the Internet about Oksana?
The latest news I told mother, she is an active user of the Network. It is very dirty on the part of journalists. If that were true, we would the investigator have long been told. But this is a lie. I know, as the killing sister, but I’m not going to drag this out. In all the 10 years that there was Oksana, the journalists wrote a lot of material, shot dozens of gears with leftist acquaintances. All nonsense and lies. No one was caught, it was simply left in the drawer unsolved crimes.