Актрису из «Вечного зова» лишили пенсии For that month Elena Kudryashova trying to prove their right to receive payments stipulated by law. Because of confusion in the documents of the actress can’t count two years of employment. Lawyers for the women plan to raise archival materials and interrogate her colleagues.
Актрису из «Вечного зова» лишили пенсии

56-year-old Elena Kudryashova (nee – govorukhina’s), once starred in the TV series “Eternal call”, was denied a Russian pension. A woman who lived for more than twenty years in Italy, decided to draw up documents to get prescribed by law payments. However, the court did not go forward Kudryashova, spent seven years working experience documented.

Lawyers of the actress failed to prove that she really worked for certain organizations, because in the workbook Elena is missing these records. As reported by journalists, Kudryashova did not have two years of experience. In “Gosfilmofond” and all said that they do not have any information about her activities.

“It seems that the Pension Fund is the most important task, as Stanislavski said: “do Not give!”Not help “does Not give!”– does not hide his disappointment woman. The print is not imprinted, then the signatures not those of the letters is not enough. And generally all deadlines for submission of documents for charge passed. Fail! If there were the insults. I understand bureaucracy. But we are all human beings!»
Актрису из «Вечного зова» лишили пенсии

During the conversation with reporters Kudryashova expressed outrage at the behavior of the employees Pension Fund. According to Helen, any information necessary from them to “pull red-hot tongs”. The actress believes that those doing the wrong thing, because someday they themselves will have to deal with processing cash income stipulated by law.

To surrender without a fight Kudryashova not going to. Women lawyers plan to fight for her retirement. Attorney Kazaalite said he intends to appeal against the decision in Regional court. According to representatives of Helena, she has a right to expect payment.

“The court was very critical of the man who deservedly expects to minimum security. And now: live how you want!”– exclaims the lawyer of the actress.

Kazaalite added that government organizations have considered only the work of Helen as an interpreter. And information about what animals were in the movies, left unattended. To prove employment activities of the actress, her lawyers are going to raise materials from the archives and to examine witnesses. Kazaalite, described the situation as absurd. “Movies with Elena govorukhina’s there, and no documents. Although all the documents on the work should be kept”, – quotes the representative of the artist “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Elena Kudryashova known to viewers under the name Govorukhin. In the TV series “Eternal call” the native of Sverdlovsk, played the role of Dasha, the daughter of Ivan Saveliev. In addition, Elena has starred in the films “I’m Sorry, goodbye”, “do You remember”, “the Duchess” and “the Night of the President”.