Sister of Heath Ledger refuses to believe in his suicide

Сестра Хита Леджера отказывается верить в его суицид The woman believes that her brother simply could not commit suicide. According to Kate Ledger, just a day before his death, the Hollywood star joked a lot and laughed. Close celebrities denied that he decided to kill himself.
Сестра Хита Леджера отказывается верить в его суицид

On 23 April, on the screens of foreign cinema released a new documentary, “I am the Heath Ledger”, which is almost entirely composed of archival footage taken by the Hollywood star. The film tells about the fact that the famous artist loved life. In this regard, many journalists criticized the picture, which, in their opinion, shows Heath Ledger is one-sided and does not reveal the subject of his depression.

Relatives of Heath Ledger has released images from his personal archive

So, for example, a columnist for the popular publication Variety Owen Gleiberman noted that many “inner demons” of the actor behind the scenes. The columnist notes that “pieces of the puzzle do not add up”. He also added that the filmmakers had to address the subject of drug addiction of the Ledger if he really has taken a banned substance.

Сестра Хита Леджера отказывается верить в его суицид

In creating the ribbon was attended by the relatives and colleagues of Heath Ledger, including the sister of the actor Kate. During the meeting with correspondents the woman has responded to the criticism from the public. Kate believes that her loved one had contemplated suicide. According to relatives of Hollywood star, her brother was very positive and wanted to star in the next film directed by Christopher Nolan.

Moreover, the day before the alleged suicide, Heath Ledger, was talking to sister Kate and did not look sad about something or worried. On the contrary, the artist, says his cousin, was full of strength and energy.

“He was really a very happy person, with big plans for the future. I talked to him the day before his death, we laughed and joked. He was very proud of his role in Batman. And I know that he really wanted to do another painting on this superhero. He was delighted with the collaboration with Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale and Gary Oldman. When he came home for Christmas, he so enthusiastically told us about all this…” – said the sister of a celebrity.

In recognition of the relatives of the actor, they receive a lot of offers to participate in the film about his life. But close to Heath Ledger rejected them. Even the appeal of the creators of the new documentary film they reviewed, not immediately. “But now everything is ready and we are very happy” – does not hide his emotions Kate Ledger.