New life Gufa and Thai dumplings for This

Новая жизнь Гуфа и тайские пельмени для Даны Soon you will learn who the leaders for the citizens of 12+. But the fact that YouTube grows another channel, I haven’t written. But believe me, the brainchild of Russian sports journalist and videoblogger Yuri Dude called “udud” is worth it.

The winner of last year’s GQ awards in the nomination “Face of TV”, Yuri invites to different people and without censorship gives an interview on the air. His last character was the Guf.

“I am now in the improvement of their infield,” the pastoral started with the story of the famous rapper, then switched to your divorce, and then admitted to heroin use. Guf openly talked about the collapse of the family and infidelity ISA

Last week the topic of drugs again came to the fore. The headliner here of course, Lou Ferrigno. In the Thai hospital where we sent all the world, TV presenter at first upset specialists. She found sewn into the bra of a prohibited substance (in Thailand, by the way, the transportation of drugs is punishable by death). The next day Dana went into a depression, but by the morning of the fourth day came progress.

“I had a yogurt and quietly, so no one saw, ate a few dumplings straight from the pot in the kitchen” – read her message on Instagram. And in the evening Danochka generally pulls straight a student – went to work in a group with a psychologist. Dana Borisova on the drug: “I would do anything for my daughter!”