Vladimir Etush received the gift of an updated garden plot

Владимир Этуш получил в подарок обновленный садовый участок In the country house of the actor appeared stylish Seating area. Celebrating the 95th anniversary of people’s artist Vladimir Etush was delighted with the results of the work of landscape designers. In the garden the stars of the Soviet cinema has created a cozy patio area that will please owners and their guests with its evergreen look.
Владимир Этуш получил в подарок обновленный садовый участок

May 6, people’s artist of the Soviet Union Vladimir Etush celebrates. The star of the cult Soviet Comedy turned 95. A special gift to the celebrant presented a program on channel “a Perfect repair”. The authors suggested to make a garden plot of Vladimir Abramovich and his wife Elena, which is located in the North of Moscow region.

It is worth noting that three years ago the designers of the transfer has designed the interior of the living room of Vladimir Etush, and then settled in for the celebrity room. Now, the team of the project “a Perfect repair” has decided to build on the land of an elderly artist area, where Vladimir Abramovich could spend a whole day under good weather conditions, of course.

Владимир Этуш получил в подарок обновленный садовый участок

Any wishes and requests an actor, known for his humility and kind attitude to people, to make did not become, having noticed that will be grateful of everything that will be done for the designers.

The authors of the project of landscape design of the plot of Vladimir Etush proposed to place the area in the vicinity of the gazebo, in the event of rain, the hosts and their guests could quickly move into the room with the roof. The main idea is to combine deciduous and coniferous trees, so the greens are a year-round feast for the eyes. When around the leaves from the trees will be conifers. In spring and summer, at the time of flowering, everything is the opposite.

The barbecue area has expanded for ease of cooking. Growing in the area, trees and shrubs organically entered in an updated design. On the updated site, new plants, flowers, walkways, and deck chairs. Along the paved gray tiles tracks appeared conifers, and in the center of composition is design globe.

On the patio area there was a modern grill with counter top circular shape. It can rotate and move, as convenient to the owners and their guests. The grill can also function like a fireplace and as a grill.

The deck has a table, chairs and sun loungers from eco-friendly rattan. Chairs decorated stylish colorful cushions, and deck chairs covered with blankets of Merino wool.

The patio area was a place even for the dishwasher. A gift from the program Vladimir Etush got another new garden equipment – lawnmower and a snow machine.

Transformed plot of Vladimir Abramovich was first seen on screen – he showed a video at the moment when the actor was in his Moscow apartment. But he was able to appreciate the beauty of landscape design.

“Beautiful! Just wonderful! I quickly want to go there”, – said Vladimir Etush.”Vladimir Abramovich spends a lot of time in the yard. He loves to walk, to sit down to rest, and now he can even lie on the sun lounger. So, in this place it will be great! Thanks for the gift,” thanked the wife of the artist Elena.