Sister of Fyodor Bondarchuk made his son to forgive

Сестра Федора Бондарчука заставила сына его простить Natalia believes that the most important is a good relationship in the family. The woman values the relationship with relatives. For many years, Fedor Bondarchuk and his half-sister did not speak, but after his father’s death they became very close.
Сестра Федора Бондарчука заставила сына его простить

Half-sister of film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk Natalia for a long time did not communicate with his brother. Her mother, Inna Makarova, after parting ways with Sergei Bondarchuk not welcomed warm relations with the daughter of a new father’s family. Only many years later, at the funeral of the famous film Director, the woman realized that Fedor and his sister Alena dearest to her people. Then they began to maintain good relations.

Natalia said that once her son Ivan and Fyodor Bondarchuk, a quarrel broke out. According to the woman, in the film the brother has made music that the filmmakers used without the knowledge of the young person, thereby violating copyright. However, in order to maintain good relations in the family, she persuaded her son to forgive his uncle. Bondarchuk decided that probably the circumstances forced Fedor to take this step.

“If in my youth I was a maximalist, he began to accept life for what it is, and to treat people with much more compassion. Realizing Ivan’s indignation, saying: “For me it is important that you Fyodor was the perfect relationship”. For the memory of his father. Not always the circumstances allow a person to behave like a knight without fear and without reproach, especially in film, where there are strict rules, and the Director does not belong. He perfectly understood everything and Fede wrote a conciliatory letter, he immediately responded, and the conflict was settled,” – said Natalia.
Сестра Федора Бондарчука заставила сына его простить

Bondarchuk admits that she can always count on his famous brother. One day during filming she had a problem with one of the actors. Desperate Natalia dialed Fedor. The man without hesitation agreed to take part in the film and even waived the fee. The woman was flattered by this dedication brother, but she didn’t have to use his service, the actor, whom she considered initially, returned to the project. However, she is very thankful Bondarchuk.

“Now, despite the fact that are rare because of both employment and mostly texting text messages and call back, with him we have such intimacy, such as was not before,” – said Bondarchuk with the publication of “Caravan of stories”.