Actress “Mimino” reconciled with his daughter after years of hostility

Актриса «Мимино» помирилась с дочерью после долгих лет вражды Olga Kazakova, who has played in many beloved films, visited the heiress in jail. Women for a long time could not find a common language. However, after Patricia was behind bars, she had a change of heart to the loved one.
Актриса «Мимино» помирилась с дочерью после долгих лет вражды

Wednesday, April 26, on the TV channel “Russia 1” was released another edition of the talk show “live”, devoted to the conflicts of fathers and children. Guests of the program openly talked about how he tried to communicate with relatives. In the program also appeared 52-year-old Olga Kazakova, which many viewers know through participation in such films as “Mimino”, “Turn on the Northern lights” and “Strange adults”. The woman played in them a little girl. After such an impressive debut, Olga decided to leave the acting profession.

The husband of a movie star became a musician Mr Tarbaev. Together they raised seven children. The woman had to endure many trials. After her husband’s death she had begun to quarrel with her eldest daughter Patricia.

Актриса «Мимино» помирилась с дочерью после долгих лет вражды

According to Olga, her daughter is addicted to the use of prohibited substances. Patricia fell in with bad company and ended up in prison. At that time the girl was a kid, very young. “She left and the family went to live in the hangout. I have rarely seen her on the street and didn’t even recognize. She resembled a mummy. Somewhere deep inside I was beginning to let her go… I put her in a rehabilitation center, then she was already under investigation,” says Kazakova.

Despite the fact that Olga was trying to find a way out of a difficult situation, which turned out to be her daughter’s relationship with Patricia is not formed. Between women was not all plain sailing. “As a fallen man, she wanted to be in the abyss,” said Kazakova.

Актриса «Мимино» помирилась с дочерью после долгих лет вражды

Edition of the program was organized by Olga first time meeting with her daughter, who is serving a sentence in the Vladimir region. The woman went to the relative, not knowing what awaits her. “We parted on a heavy note, in court… Maybe it will turn around and leave,” the nervous Kazakova.

However, when she finally met up with Patricia, relatives could not hold back emotions. They cried, instantly forgetting all offences. Women have admitted to each other that I couldn’t sleep all night before the meeting.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything. We many mistakes you’ve done” – with these words Kazakov appealed to daughter.
Актриса «Мимино» помирилась с дочерью после долгих лет вражды

During the conversation with the correspondent of the heiress Olga did not hide that sometimes behaved incorrectly in relation to the parent. Over time, the young woman realized their mistakes. “Getting into this place, you know that in addition to the mother there is no human dearer,” – said Patricia.