Mom Dana Borisova rescues her from drug addiction

Мама Даны Борисовой спасает ее от наркозависимости The woman has sounded the alarm because of the addiction of her daughter. Ekaterina Borisova asked in “Let them talk” to Andrei Malakhov to tell about the trouble which occurred in her family. She fears for the life of Dana Borisova and her granddaughter Pauline.
Мама Даны Борисовой спасает ее от наркозависимости

Mother, TV presenter Dana Borisova Ekaterina decided to have a Frank conversation with Andrei Malakhov in the program “Let them talk”. She talked about the fact that he tries to save her daughter from addiction. The woman did not hesitate all over the country to declare that Given regularly uses drugs. Katherine admitted that he feared for the lives and health of not only daughters but also granddaughters, 10-year-old Pauline.

Мама Даны Борисовой спасает ее от наркозависимости

Katherine admitted that despite the fact that she worked for many years in the Ambulance, however, never met addicts in the home. She believes that her former PR Director Tim Brick asked her things that are prohibited. The woman remembered that signal trouble beginning a 10-year-old daughter Polina This.

“My mother is in a dark room collapsed tube denyuzhku, sprinkled with white powder, but I don’t understand why they are on some sort of plastic card” – remember the words of Pauline Katherine. – After all, Pauline, besides me, no one can share”.

Mother, TV presenter admitted that the last four months sent her 15 Grand on Tutors for her granddaughter. After the beep Pauline Katherine has become openly ask This, what’s going on in her life. Borisov has obstructed that her mom came to visit from the Crimea. She had to go to the deception to get to the apartment of her daughter – the presenter asked security not to let her mother into the territory of the residential complex. According to the woman, the security officer every day brought Dana large bottles of beer.

“I go to the apartment, she sits on the couch next to bottles of beer,” recalled the woman. However, Dana was not pleased to see his own mother.

Katherine found out that stylist ray freely use the vehicle presenter, and in gratitude makes her hairstyles.

Andrey Malakhov remembered that two years ago, he was not to broadcast an interview with Dana Borisova. Then during the conversation, the presenter with tears in his eyes talked about the conflict with the mother. She was ashamed of what her family got in a fight. Dana was outraged that a parent made strong statements.

Katherine told me that she had tried to save her daughter – sent her to a rehab clinic, where he spent two weeks instead of two months. At this time, daughter Pauline moved to live with dad Maxim Aksenov. The man was not surprised that his ex-wife use drugs. Ex-husband accused This mother is that she raised their daughter.

“We agreed until it is treated, the child will be with me. Home to be a child just could not. Daughter does not want to see such a mother. When the child is eating noodles and living like Mowgli, I can’t leave,” he said by telephone Aksenov.

Dana Borisov visited the crew of “Let them talk”. She admitted that now she has an eating disorder, but she tries to cope with it. The presenter is not recognized that she has addiction. Dana told us that working with a therapist.

“But not yet stopped the process, don’t want to die from anorexia. Aversion to food, the smell, her mind,” admitted Borisov.

In the Studio there was a concert Director, a colleague, Leroy Covina. The young woman admitted that she first hears about the drugs. She believes that the main problem of This – the deepest depression. Friend regrets that Dana is now a single woman, but because he wants to save her.

Guests in the Studio have come to believe that Dana just needs treatment. Rustam Solntsev remembered that for three years she was in a “stupor” with Both a brick. However, the young man could not be saved. Friends of the deceased Tim brick: “He was a kind and generous”

Friends Dana Borisova was ready after the broadcast to go with her to get to go to the hospital.