Married Roma Zver lit with half-naked beauty

Женатый Рома Зверь зажег с полуголой красоткой The artist presented a new video for the sensual track, “Ships”. The plot of the movie Roma Beast had an affair with a charming brunette dressed in sexy underwear and a Cape. Fans of the musician have found that the video was very provocative and intriguing.

The band unveiled a new video for the song “Ships” from the album “No Fear”. The video is really passionate and exciting. The plot of the movie, the leader of the popular band twisted romance with a charming brunette dressed only in his underwear.

Beloved popular musician was a 30-year-old actress Marie waragi, which also acted as a Director of the movie. Metropolitan audience knows her due to participation in the play of the theater “Practice”, and one of the roles in an immersive performance “Black Russian”.

Roma Zver announced the premiere of the video on Twitter and shared a joint photo with a charming partner. “Nice view,” wrote the actor on Instagram.

Clip Roma and his companions dedicated to the relationship of two young people who completely surrender to passion. This is one of the lyrical characters of a new song of group “Animals” hopelessly in love with the other. The new song of the artist there are following lines:

Black planes, the downed ships.
I have enough of erotica and not enough love.
If one remains, do not turn off the light.
You’ll be fine without me, I without you notso

Fans of the “Beasts” came to the delight of the long-awaited premiere. They left a lot of positive feedback in social networks. According to many, the Director managed to show the real passion that erupted between the main characters. Some social media users found that the video was inspired by the works of Erica James, and the film adaptations of her novels involving Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

“Bomb”, “video Clip very catchy. It was very interesting to see you”, “It is something. Excites the imagination”, “deep Idea”, “Fire”, “Stylish hard”, “it’s Like feature film”, “Divine”, “Hot”, “Erotic”, “50 shades of red”, “very good”, “Hello, Mr. gray,” was discussed by the fans of the popular team.
Женатый Рома Зверь зажег с полуголой красоткой