Сестра Эвелины Бледанс страдает от смертельной болезни The woman developed liver cirrhosis due to hepatitis. Diana Bledans a long time did not communicate with her famous relative, and therefore did not go to her for help, finding themselves in a difficult situation.

      Сестра Эвелины Бледанс страдает от смертельной болезни

      Sister of Evelina Bledans Diana had only recently reconnected with her famous relative. The fact that women find single dad, but they were brought up in different families. Until recently women were not interested in each other’s lives and only met in the Studio one of the TV programs. There is revealed that Diana suffers from a deadly disease. Learn more about the illness she said in the broadcast of “Talk show”.

      “I have cirrhosis of the liver. I know this is five years. I don’t drink, the disease appeared on the background of hepatitis. I started to have ascites – water outlet in the stomach, it’s like you’re becoming round,” – said the younger sister Evelina.
      Сестра Эвелины Бледанс страдает от смертельной болезни

      Guests in the Studio noticed that Diana looks beautiful, despite a serious illness and quite calmly talks about his grief. But Bledans told that she was very hard to gather my thoughts after she learned of the terrible disease. The doctors even said that it can six months to live. However, concern about her daughter Daniella gives her the strength.

      “The child was small, and had to pull myself together. Told myself that a child should be raise,” admitted Diana.

      The younger sister of the famous actress and TV presenter is now undergoing expensive treatment and spends a huge amount on drugs. She admitted that she was advised to do a liver transplant, but she refused, because they believe that will defeat the ailment. However, Diana did not ask for the help of his famous sister. Evelina Bledans also came to the Studio of the program “Talk show” to support the family. The actress greeted and immediately hugged Diana.

      “People are sick to the extent that he feels sick. Guilt is a bad feeling, but I promise that for the sake of the child, this should not be in my life, because I have to live a long life and raise a child,” said the celebrity.
      Сестра Эвелины Бледанс страдает от смертельной болезни

      Guests in the Studio were surprised when they learned that Evelyn does not provide financial support to his sister. The program showed modest one-bedroom apartment Diana in the center of Yalta and compared with three-storey mansion of the actress. Now relatives came to visit Bledans. The artist arranges cultural programme leads to museums and attractions and also pampers with expensive gifts. However, the experts in the Studio noticed that the money Evelyn could give on treatment of the sister. However, the celebrity believes that positive emotions are only for the benefit.

      “I have no spare million, I can’t promise that will help. Now they came to visit. But I also have debts, credits, I’m not going to lie, that will begin to help,” justified the artist.

      However, Evelyn did not spare money to pay for the examination sister. The doctors said that with proper care the disease can be overcome. Also in the Studio “Talk show” had a daughter Diana Danielle, Malovich. She remembered the day when mom told her the terrible news.

      “Five years ago, she said, it was very hard. Just said that if it will not, then I will continue alone, and my life changed dramatically. She said she hopes to have time to do something while it’s still here”, – shared memories of a young girl.

      Evelyn could not hold back their emotions and cried. She said she really wants to help his sister, but she has no free money to give to their relatives. However, the actress decided to make a gorgeous gift to Diana. She gave her a fur coat, but reported that she got by barter. Moreover, the actress gave the nurse documents on the ground. Area went to Evelyn and Diane inherited from her father.

      “I don’t know what specifically, the actress said, passing a folder of papers. – According to the documents there is some land and forests. But to take hold, it is necessary to obtain the citizenship of Latvia”.

      In conclusion, Evelina Bledans told that if her sister the worst should happen, she will assume full responsibility for the upbringing niece Danielle.