Sergei Bodrov about the tragic death of his son: “I would like him to swap places”

Сергей Бодров-старший о трагической гибели сына: «Мне хотелось бы с ним поменяться местами» The Director remembered how discouraged Sergei to start filming the movie “the Messenger”, but he stood his ground. The last picture Bodrov Jr. was never released on cinema screens. After his death, the tape decided not to work.

      Сергей Бодров-старший о трагической гибели сына: «Мне хотелось бы с ним поменяться местами»

      It’s been 14 years since the tragedy that happened to Sergei Bodrov Jr. Renowned actor and Director died in the Karmadon gorge on 20 September 2002. Bodrov and his film crew who worked on the film “the Messenger”, could not escape from the glacier. All were killed, but unaccounted for, as rescuers did not find human remains. His father, Sergei Vladimirovich for the first time openly spoke about the tragedy in the program “Alone with all”.

      For the sake of filming Bodrov arrived in Russia, although almost 20 years living in the United States. Despite the fact that since the death of his son, much time has passed, it seems that it was all just yesterday. Almost every year the figure of the movie goes in a gorge in the mountains of Vladikavkaz, to honor the memory of Sergei.

      “Time passed, flies with great force. But I remember only too well. None of the parents would not wish such a tragedy. He was not alone with the crew. I had a desire to be alone, on the other hand went a great wave of human sympathy. It was important and gave me strength. It is still ongoing. Even in the taiga, the Yenisei people remember, were talking. It’s some kind of phenomenon, I was not ready for that,” admitted the Director Yulia Menshovoj.
      Сергей Бодров-старший о трагической гибели сына: «Мне хотелось бы с ним поменяться местами»

      Sergei Bodrov admits that at first and did not see the talents of the son, when he took his assistant on the film “prisoner of the Caucasus”. However, knowledgeable critics have suggested that the guy will be a real star. The film “Brother” is in the title role brought him worldwide popularity.

      Bodrov-the senior believes that his son was properly treated for my success and not become conceited. The father supported the initiatives of Sergey, but from filming the latest film “the Messenger” is discouraged.

      “I would like him to trade places. I would like to replace it with this picture, with this project. He lived the way he wanted. I tried to dissuade him to make this film. It seemed to me that he is in a hurry. Happened what happened,” recalls Sergey.

      According to the Director, other members of the family Bodrov prefer not to communicate with journalists on this topic. “I think that’s right. I approve. Too much curiosity. What happened is personal,” said the filmmaker, noting that he had not talked so openly of his deceased son.