Наследница Константина Кинчева стала мамой Vera Panfilova accepts congratulations. Friends asked the girl to take responsibility of godmother. Apparently, the 25-year-old heir to a famous musician happy to be a spiritual mentor to a young son of his friends.

      The daughter of the soloist of the famous rock group “Alisa” Konstantin Kintchev Faith’s godmother adorable kid. Now she will take part in the life of the son of his friends. The ceremony was held in the Church of the Three Hierarchs-at-Kulishki in Moscow. The news of this joyous event. shared in his microblog.

      The Faith is very happy to be godmother of the baby. It is very touching and with incredible tenderness holding a child in her arms.

      Friends are sincerely happy for the girl and rushed to congratulate her with this event. “How wonderful! Congrats, my girl!” “How lovely,” he admired the pictures of Faith with the sacrament of baptism.

      Godchild the daughter of the soloist of group “Alisa” Simon came to light in mid-November. A little more than a month, the parents decided to make a Church ceremony , and as godparents for my son chose Faith Panfilov and Alexander pál.

      The 25-year-old daughter of Konstantin Kinchev their children yet. For three years she was tied up relationship with the heir to the famous name of Ivan Jankowski. The lovers were so perfect, and many are surrounded by young people looking forward to their engagement. Vera and Ivan did not rule out the possibility that one day legalize their relationship.

      The boys met while studying at GITIS. Their mutual attraction soon developed into a whirlwind romance. The young people spent some time together. Friends of the couple noted that they perfectly fit each other – both creative and non-confrontational. They think Ivan is a very romantic young man, and its reverent attitude to the Faith evoked emotion from many. The actor supported her at this difficult moment is when Constantine kincheva struck a heart attack, he was next to and visited with her father. However, not so long ago “StarHit” it became known that young people are no longer together. Ivan Jankowski broke up with the daughter of Konstantin Kintchev

      “Ivan is recently very popular in the profession – told “StarHit” a close friend of Alexander Jankowski. – Yes, and he is not one, to devote himself to the family, spending evenings at home with beloved. I want to walk a little. Faith is also its business performances and rehearsals. At some point they must have noticed that began to spend together time. And then decided that we should not suffer. And departed”.