Сестру Димы Билана задержали в Америке
24-year-old Anna published a frightening picture.

Photo: Instagram

This year Anna Belan (this is the real name of Dima) turns 24 years old. For several years she lives in the United States of America and studying to be a singer. They say she even took a few clips, and heard her singing all of her friends.

The other day a girl posted in a personal blog a strange picture: she stands with hands kept behind, and a man in a hat with the star of the Sheriff arrests her. “What have you done?!” — asked the friends of Anne in the comments.

Secret sister of Dima the public did not open, and now subscribers of the girls (and she has more than 70 thousand!) wondering whether she had formed problems with the law or is it a dramatization. Although someone suggested that this is a photo from the filming, which was attended by Anna. As it turned out, standing next to her “Sheriff” is an actor named mark Krenik. He is known for small roles in serials, but in Russia, none of them showed.

Desire for intrigues Anna and Dima, apparently in blood. The other day himself, where he provoked rumors of a romance with a young singer. Bilan was photographed in an embrace with a member of the show “the Voice” — Julia Tereshchenko.

“Yul! Well, glad to see you!” — wrote Dima. Many drew attention to the image of a heart at the end of the review and informal pose, in which he photographed former mentor and participant in the singing contest. Fans asked his question about what is actually his ties with the performer, however, he ignores the discussion in social networks his personal life.