Ксения Алферова рассказала о героине из Кемерова
The actress shared the English teachers who tried to take children out of a burning building.

Ксения Алферова рассказала о героине из Кемерова

Ksenia Alferova

Ksenia Alferova, like others, perceives
the tragedy in Kemerovo, as their own. Today the actress decided
to tell you about one of the heroes of the fire in the Shopping centre, “Winter cherry”, —
the English teacher, who gave their lives trying to save children.

“That’s one of the heroes of the tragedy in Kemerovo, —
wrote the actress in a personal microblogging. — Teacher Tatiana Darsalia taught foreign languages in Kemerovo
grammar school No. 17, was the Director of studies on educational work. Tatiana was
one of the most beloved teachers in recognition of the students themselves. In the past in this
school English lessons, many pupils did not like, even walk, and she
came and managed to interest in his subject. Lessons spent in the game
form. March 25 in the shopping center “Winter cherry,” she went to 14-year-old
daughter Ales. When the panic rose, Tatiana pushed her daughter
out of the building. When I heard that upstairs in the cinema left their children
the teacher came back to help get them from the upper floors. There
left, trying to save children from a burning theater, but forces in the fight against fire
and smoke were not equal. The bright memory of a real hero!”