Наоми Кэмпбелл неожиданно похорошела
The model was accused of abuse of Photoshop.

Наоми Кэмпбелл неожиданно похорошела

Naomi Campbell

Photo: Instagram.com

Joseph Junior Adenuga who under the pseudonym Skepta


Naomi Campbell struck a wave of criticism.
Her fans were outraged by the recent photos of the model, which she has shared: in this picture Naomi looks much younger, and her features more
correct. Experienced web users quickly recognized that Campbell
pretty job on this frame using Photoshop.

“Her nose suddenly changed its shape. It
was much smaller!” — wrote one fans, expressing confusion on why Naomi even needed to edit
your the. But other fans noticed that her skin became
absolutely smooth and young.

why 47-year-old Campbell want to look younger and better, just
it is not difficult. For now, the model is found
with a boyfriend who’s so much younger than her. We are talking about 35-year-old rapper Joseph
The Junior Adenuga who under the pseudonym Skepta.

Rumors that Naomi had an affair with a young rapper, appeared last month. Naomi and Scepta seen together twice — they had fun
together at two separate parties, timed to coincide with fashion Week in Paris. As
guests witnessed the events, Campbell and her new boyfriend
shy in showing affection to each other.

One of the girlfriends of 47-year-old
Campbell said that the novel Naomi and Scepta began in the fall. In
October, the rapper shared with fans joint with Campbell photo supplied
the “Emoji” in the form of hearts. In addition, in every interview he’s not
the opportunity to Express our admiration to the address of Naomi.