Sister Jeanne Friske has devoted her tattoo

Сестра Жанны Фриске посвятила ей татуировку A relative of the artist decided to remake an old drawing on the back. New tattoo Natalia gave in honor of Jeanne Friske. The girl decided to fill on the iris is a favorite flower of the deceased singer.

      Сестра Жанны Фриске посвятила ей татуировку

      30-year-old Natalia Friske, sister of the famous singer, recently decided to improve your tattoo. On the back of the girl was a geometric pattern that she decided to remake the iris is a favorite flower of tragically deceased from cancer of the singer. About it Natalia said in his Instagram, accompanied by the publication of the video, which depicted her journey to the wizard.

      “My new dress”, – said Natalia Friske, adding the hashtags “iris” and “tramp stamps”.

      Followers of Natalia saw part of the new pattern on her body. They noted that it looks very nice. They also asked her whether it was painful to re-tattoo. Sister of the famous singer responded in the affirmative. The girl also shared that very soon will show followers the end result. Apparently, this happens when the skin to recover after going to the master.

      In his interview with Zhanna Friske said she loved irises that are symbols of many countries. The artist often visited in Santorini, with a range of similar colors. Once, when the star shared with reporters information about the five favorite places on Earth, she mentioned this Greek island, along with beaches of Miami beach, by India, his native city of Moscow and the Islands where they filmed the program “Last hero”. Jeanne admitted that Santorini reminds her chess Board, and called it fabulous.

      Earlier this fall, mom and sister Jeanne Friske chose a monument that will adorn the place where are buried famous. For this purpose, the cemetery has put a pedestal of white granite. Relatives of the actress hired craftsmen who worked on the sculpture of Jeanne Friske from clay. “StarHit” published exclusive pictures of the monument, which will soon be on the grave of stars. Sculptors have created a monument to Jeanne Friske

      By the way, recently Dmitry Shepelev was presented to the public the cover of her book dedicated to the singer. It’s a picture of Zhanna Friske and her name written by hand. Especially for this graphologist handwriting has recreated celebrity. “At the end of the year will release a book about our wife and the experience of resistance. And I very much hope that it will be useful to those who are struggling yourself or helping a loved one. I hope she will be able to support those who are desperate and, perhaps, inspire faith in the miracle of salvation. Of course, it is also a love story, without which any battle would have little meaning,” – such a post Shepelev did in his Instagram.