Tatiana lutaeva cried some days because of son

Татьяна Лютаева проплакала несколько дней из-за сына The actress told how to build her relationship with Dominic. According to star, she had to survive a difficult period, as just over a year the boy has changed a lot. She was able to summon the wisdom to understand heir.

      Татьяна Лютаева проплакала несколько дней из-за сына

      Actress Tatiana lutaeva told the program Yulia Menshovoj “Alone with all”, which taught her life. According to star of the film “midshipmen, forward!”, we should appreciate every day. The woman believes that if you look at what is happening around positively, it will help to become happier.

      At the moment Tatiana lutaeva lives in a big mansion in the suburbs with three dogs and a view of the forest. She is happy that finally they got their own housing, as for many years the family of the actress had to rent an apartment. “We need to live for today” – this motto is guided by Tatiana.

      The star is glad she has such caring children Agnia Ditkovskite and Dominik Ramanauskas. However lutaeva admits that labor accepted the fact that they are adults. In particular, according to the actress, she was hard to let go of her son herself. Brother of Agnes Ditkovskite: “sister and we all cover for each other”

      “I cried a lot when I broke. I understand that the educational process ends with the son, and the binding gradually weakens,” said the actress

      According to her, Dominic has changed dramatically in just one year. 17-the summer guy already got its own position on many issues, he can live independently. It was very difficult to deal with it. Lutaeva start demanding and questioning, which was not very comfortable for Dominica.

      “And then I locked myself in my snail sobbed with tears as I cleaned this lens from myself,” admitted Roberta.

      Gradually, however, the actress understood that reference to the children can have a negative impact on relationships. According to Luchevoi, it even became funny. The woman looked at the situation from the other side and realized that her son does everything right, and she shouldn’t try so hard to take care of it.

      The star noted that the children grew up, they have their own life, and do not hinder them in terms of choice. “Nobody needs,” – shared his point of view actress. She believes that they will still to gather the whole family at the table near the fireplace and talk.